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Brensponies 03-30-2013 02:18 PM

Anyone have any experience with haflingers? I bought one who was declared beginner safe but he is waaaay to strong for me and will bolt off with me if he feels like it. I am too timid to ride him again so I need to sell him. Anyone else have this experience with Haffies? I started reading about them and it's seems they are normally sweet on the ground but not for the faint of heart under saddle. They are strong and know it! If I had more room I would just keep him he is so sweet but I can't keep a horse I do nothing with. Also my husband's mare just foaled and she hates this boy so we need a home for him. We are in VA

TerraBella 03-30-2013 02:57 PM

I've worked with a couple of halfies and they're both characters. One is a cross with a morgan that I ride every now and then. She can be very stubborn and needs someone who won't let her get away with her tricks. She's bolted with me once when a school bus came barreling over a hill much faster than it should have. However, that being said, I was riding her when a large tree fell down in the path behind is and she barely spooked. That happened on two occasions and both times it scared me more than her. She's also a pain to catch, but will give you a really good ride. She really is steady on her feet and can handle harder terrain better than other horses in the barn.

The other halfie is a therapeutic riding horse. He's also very stubborn and is starting to get too grouchy for the program. The instructor is trying to find another pony to replace him so he can be sold. He'd make a good 4-h horse with the right rider. He's just getting to hard to deal with when there are kids who are trying to develop their balance on him.

Do you have an arena you can ride in? It might help you build confidence on him if you have someplace he won't bolt where you can also figure out what you need to do to keep him going how you want.

Brensponies 03-30-2013 03:18 PM

I have a homemade round pen I can ride him in and he is fine as long as I stay in it. If I come out of it he will do whatever he wants to at times. I am timid and he knows it. I think over time I can develop a relationship with him so we trust each other but now I am in a pickle with too many horses. If I had more acreage I would just keep him. Not hard to catch he will climb in your lap if you let him! He lowers his head for the halter and will follow me with no lead rope. I need to sell him before I get too attched. He is soooo cute! I just have a very small place and no room for an extra horse. I had no idea my mare was 9 months prego when I bought her. Now I have an appy colt which is my dream horse and I am going to keep him. Brody deserves a bond with someone who has a love for haffies and will take him to his potential.

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