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SullysRider 03-30-2013 06:12 PM

Fly Sheets in Houston Weather??
My horse keeps getting beat up by the horses next to him (stall to the right and left of him). We've already moved horses around as much as we could, and it isn't as bad but there's surely new cuts. I love the barn and I do not want to move barns, so I was thinking about getting a fly sheet with a neck cover and put a fly mask on him (the barn doesn't have a fly problem but he's beat up on his head and shoulders) and seeing if that would help. The problem- I live in NW Houston and it gets HOT and HUMID!! In the summer it is over 100 often with 70-75% humidity. He does have a fan in his stall but it does not make a big difference. His stall does have a trap so he can be inside or outside as he pleases. Is it too hot to sheet? Any people around me use fly sheets with no problem?

Endiku 03-30-2013 07:10 PM

How is he getting beat up in his stall by other horses? Are they being allowed to bite at eachother through the dividers?

SullysRider 03-30-2013 07:19 PM


Originally Posted by Endiku (Post 2076825)
How is he getting beat up in his stall by other horses? Are they being allowed to bite at eachother through the dividers?

He is a stall with a trap (maybe not everyone calls it that) meaning he can go out into a little turnout type area whenever he pleases (it's attached to his stall). And since all the stalls have a trap they are adjoining and they can get to each other through and over the fence. Keeping him locked inside his stall all day is not an option, the way the stall is made I can do it, but he would go crazy. Having the option to go outside whenever he pleases is the only way he stays sane and calm in a stall

SullysRider 04-03-2013 11:32 AM

Anyone? :/

cowgirl4753 04-03-2013 11:54 AM

A fly sheet wont offer much protection against bites and scraps, it pretty thin material. Is there anyway to build up his run so the other horses can't get their heads over to bite him in the first place?
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SaddleOnline 04-03-2013 02:40 PM

As long as you get a breathable mesh fly sheet, it shouldn't bother him too much. I had a very sensitive skinned horse in southern Missouri, where we would get that same crazy humidity/heat and he was fine, and much happier, in his fly sheet. I would worry about how many times are going to have to replace the flysheet if his buddies can reach it and try to rip it off though....I like the idea of either building up his run or adding different fencing to it to keep his friends from chewing on him. Best of luck!

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