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Saddlebag 03-30-2013 07:49 PM

Arrogant farriers/trimmers
Why do so many farriers get their shorts in a knot instead of offering an explanation? They seem to want the work but their way of dealing with owners costs them business. It seems nowadays a person can take a 1 to 5 day course and hang out a shingle that they are in business. What is our recourse if the horse winds up so sore it can hardly walk?

MyBoyPuck 03-30-2013 07:53 PM

All you can do is fire the farrier and look for a better one. Finding a good one is a needle in a haystack as you're finding out the hard way. It does suck, but they are out there. Took me 8 tries to find a good one. Learn all you can about what a good trim looks like, ask questions, and if they get mad at you for asking, then onto the next one you go.

I took the extra step of going to other barns, finding the horses who's feet looked the best balanced and then asked who did them. I was delighted to find the same names kept coming up on both the good trims and bad, so a pattern was quickly established on who to steer clear of.

Madamefifi 03-30-2013 10:07 PM

Our farrier was recommended to us by our vet and we like him though he is a bit timid with our gelding for some reason. Atticus's feet had been neglected before we got him so he is still a little uncooperative. The farrier kept wanting us to sedate him but we have found--and I know many of y'all will think this is BAD--that just letting him shove his face in a bucket of feed keeps him busy so he barely notices his feet are getting worked on. I would rather have the farrier be too gentle than too rough. Ours clearly likes and respects horses and has been very helpful with any questions we have. I trust him.

DancingArabian 03-30-2013 10:36 PM

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Ask for recommendations from your vet and check to see if they are AFA certified.
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Trinity3205 03-31-2013 01:12 AM

Certification means didly in my world. Show me the work. I have seen some highly decorated farriers who couldnt trim their way out of a box but sure could forge a shoe! Id do what Puck said. Proofs in the pudding. BUT that is assuming you know what you are looking at ;) Lots of ppl couldnt identify a truly healthy foot either.

~*~anebel~*~ 03-31-2013 01:27 AM

Its taken me a while but I have the greatest farrier ever!
After being through farriers who can't keep shoes on, trim my horse with an 8-12 degree difference across his hooves, tell me that the quarter cracks are due to the shape of his feet, etc.. I actually ended up going back to a farrier I used almost 10 years ago and holy am I still impressed almost 2 years after switching.

I can ask him the most ridiculous amount of questions and he is always up for explaining the dynamics of the hoof. He works with a number of vet clinics in the area, is constantly going to seminars, doing lectures, auditing lectures, etc.. etc.. And my horses are all the best for it.
So now that I have the "perfect farrier" - I am totally ruined. I'm going to have to pay him to go with me wherever I am... Or clone him... or something. They do exist!! You just have to search for them, pay them well and on time and bring goodies!

waresbear 03-31-2013 01:43 AM

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I "had" the perfect farrier for 20 years. Last year, well, it's his last year with me, I don't know if his back is giving out, or he is too busy or what, but his work is not what it used to be. I have a new farrier, and his skills are impecciable as my previous farrier's used to be. *Sigh, I hate change, but I hate when vet's instructions are ignored and loose/lost shoes the morning of a show worse. Never get complacent, always check your farrier's work.

AmazinCaucasian 03-31-2013 01:52 AM


Originally Posted by Saddlebag (Post 2077265)
Why do so many farriers get their shorts in a knot instead of offering an explanation?

Many farriers suffer from a disorder called "OPTICAL RECTOSIS".

It means you've had yer ass up so long it gives you a sh!tyy outlook

Happy Easter

Kayella 03-31-2013 01:55 AM

I've gone through multiple farriers in just one year. I've now got a great farrier that was recommended to me by my vet and they worked together to have a game plan to get Henny's feet in better shape. He comes out when he says he will and does a great job handling Henny. Henny seems to like him just as much, too.

Also, I actually have to get Henny's feet trimmed every 2-3 weeks because his feet grow so dang fast. It's just ridiculous. So when I suggested I could rasp his feet when they're getting a little long, he actually agreed with me and told me what to do. He didn't even freak out when I told him I used to trim my pony's feet like my other farriers have. He's a great person to talk to and makes the whole experience enjoyable. I have definitely found a keeper. :)

Sherian 03-31-2013 11:53 AM

I actually like customers who have trimmed before - they tend to have better understanding of why I would like you to train your horse to actually stand!
and yes Saddlebag they should be willing to at least try and give you a explanation - some people are not great verbal communicators but they should at least try

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