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HarpersMom 03-31-2013 02:25 AM

First Hunter Show
I'm headed to my first show in a few weeks and headed to a few Hunter classes. I found a great navy hunt coat from Dover, and am going to invest in a few white show shirts (I've heard thats better than colors?)
Do I have to wear black gloves? (I usually dont ride in gloves)
Also - My long hair doesnt fit in my helmet - Is a low bow or hairnet outside the helmet acceptable? Or do I need to size up my helmet or get a drastic haircut?

Any advice from my veteran riders?!

Thanks guys!

upnover 04-01-2013 11:48 AM

-Colored shirts are perfectly acceptable, but the trend is moving towards white! (The new wrap collars with colored lining in particular are getting to be popular) So my vote is white, although if you have your heart set on blue or something you will be just fine.

-yes, black gloves!

-hair out of a helmet is usually not a good idea. The more casual the show the more ok this might be... but even at our schooling shows everyone wears their hair up unless you are very young with pigtails and bows. (the little clip on hairnet bags are considered pretty tacky) I have a show helmet that is one size up just so I can get my hair under it. I know other people who cut their hair for the show season as well. Just how much hair are we talking about? Could you do a braid or anything?

HarpersMom 04-02-2013 01:12 AM

Thank you so much upnovr! Your advice is invaluable.
My hair isnt THAT long - maybe just below my shoulder blades - but it adds a lot of bulk under there. I'll experiment with ways to get it all in my helmet, but if it wont work, I might have to buy a show helmet!

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