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alexischristina 03-31-2013 10:05 PM

Abby is under lock down...
Turns out Abby, our older cockapoo has been 'wandering'. Not very far, just into the neighbours' yard to play with their dog (we've talked to them since it started happening, they say it's fine- they usually let their dog out to play when she comes over. Don't know why she likes him so much, she hates yappy younger dog and he's a Min Pin, and one of the yappiest dogs I have EVER come across). Now don't get me wrong, I absolutely HATE that she 'wanders'. But it's my parents' property, as much as she is 'my' baby, she is their dog, and I have no control over the shoddy fencing situation and control of the dog, so keep that in mind while I semi-rant :lol:
Anyway, turns out there's another reason she goes over there. The owner has a trailer on her property that somebody rents, this lady just so happens to work at the dog food factory and just LOOOVES giving the neighbourhood dogs all of the excess treats (and we were wondering why Abby was getting fatter and fatter despite cutting down on her food...) every time Abby is over there she gets lots of treats, so many that she and the other dog (and the other ladies' dog) literally CANNOT eat them all, they're spread all over the yard. Well the other day this lady picked her up and locked her in her trailer before she went to work... the owner heard Abby yapping and whining, saw her in the trailer and called to ask why. Well, despite having lived their for two years, knowing us AND our dog, seeing our dogs play together, etc. (and the fact that Abby wears a collar...) she "thought she was a stray" but "would return her tomorrow" (she worked until 2AM). Mom told her to just let her out in the morning, she'd come right home. Well we ended up going over there on my way to pick her up, lady definitely didn't want to give her up... had given her a BATH, scrubbed her collar clean and mom said she was just acting 'weird'. So Abby is under lock down, no more wandering for her. It wasn't a problem, because the neighbour's dog is lonely (and isn't allowed to play with the other ladies' big dog) so they were good for each other... but something just doesn't sit right with me :shock:.

Needless to say, I'm happy because I didn't want her wandering in the first place. Abby not so much. She's restricted to the closed in front yard with the big clumsy mutt and keeps scratching / whining at the back door and trying to make a break for it (I guess I would too if I knew there was 'all you can eat cookies' next door). It's a bit sad to see who she loves best though. :oops: Oh well. She can suck it up and hopefully start losing some weight.

Shropshirerosie 03-31-2013 11:10 PM

:shock: oh my, a wierd-dog-stalker....!

She sounds like the child-catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang......wierd & scary.

Any chance you can put in temp elec fencing to keep your dog in a larger area?

alexischristina 03-31-2013 11:16 PM

The area she has now is pretty large, it's just not the five acres she's used to. And to be honest... she doesn't spend much time outside anyway. She's old, fat and can't see well anymore. I'm surprised she has enough energy to run all the way over there and play LOL. But yeah, she's a bit weird. Especially because she KNOWS our dog, we've talked to her ABOUT our dog.
We're looking at electrifying the back fence, so she has the full yard again, then we can let the big goof dog out too but there are a million things on the to-do list already.

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