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wild_spot 04-01-2013 12:04 AM

Red bumps around eyes?
I did try to post this on the dog forum but I can't remember my password and the email I used to register doesn't work anymore :cry:

I have a nine week old Koolie pup. I have had him for a bit over a week.

The last two days i've noticed the skin around his eyes is red and he now has little bumps coming up at the corners of his eyelids. He also has a few small red bumps on his belly near his pizzle. I can't find any bumps anywhere else.

He hasn't been scratching his eyes much, occasionally he will chew his paws/tail but no bumps there.

He is happy and healthy apart from this.

He is fed Optimum Puppy biscuits free choice, as well as a desert spoon of Optimum Puppy tin food and a desert spoon of chicken mince with added bone morning and night. He usually also gets a chicken neck or a small piece of steak or a small beef bone along with his food. (The beef is all fresh from our own killers here). He occasionally gets an egg as well. I chose the Optimum as the breeder was feeding the biscuits and it seemed one of the better brands I could get from the supermarket (Not too much filler and additives). If I want to switch him to a better brand I will have to see what I can mail order as we only have a supermarket here.

Any ideas? Would it be a food allergy?

If it gets any worse or he shows distress/bad itchiness I will take him to the vet, of course. However they are pretty far away and I would rather deal with it here if I can.

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