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carriegeorge100 04-26-2007 02:59 PM

haflinger to trainer ground work or saddle work?????
Hi everyone, I just purchased an 11 yr.haflie gelding. He is going to the trainer for one month for a refresher. Then lessons for my husband. I have a couple of questions.

The reason I am sending him to the trainer is because he evades the bit. Previous owner used a tt and a mech. hackamore - I am confused as to why cuz he does not neck rein. I use a french link snaffle. He ran right through it. Wouldn't turn - at all. I felt he was confused, he started to paw (not to roll) and gave tiny tiny buck..

Being a timid rider, I realized I don't know what to do, hence the trip to a trainer.

One trainer wants to do alot of ground work, the other work in saddle. I lean toward the ground work, but I am not a trainer, any adivse?

He doesn't go until May 13, so until then, should I still ride him in the fenced pasture? If so, with what kind of bit. I feel he completly disgregarded the snaffle, I have a kimberwick here that my sister used on a very bratty pony, would that work? We have both, the jointed and low port. They both have different rein slots. I put him in a snaffle with a copper half moon, did the same, then went on to the apple flavored snaffle, (has a roller in the middle), just wouldn't turn, he fought every step and he certainly wouldn't stop. He has great whoa on the ground, I don't have a round pen, and he will lunge but will all of a sudden take off. Advise Please.

tumai 04-26-2007 08:35 PM

:D Hi there, Look for a trainer who is going to listen to you and your goals and work with you towards them. Write a list of goals that you want to acheive and how you feel you can get to them and go over it with the trainer and ask them to explain how and why of there methods. If your boy has only ever been ridden in a hackamore and has never had anything in his mouth for a long time if at all it is understandable that he paniced.....I would put that alongside backing a horse for the first time, he may not know what it is. Be Bossy with the trainer if you feel they are not working with your goals...afterall its your money paying him/her, even if they know more it shouldn't matter....a good trainer always listens :)
Good luck and let us know how you get on :D

HaflingerCowGirl 05-10-2007 01:18 PM

If you think he's confused then go with your gut. I would put a plain snaffle on him unless he has other problems.Thats what my haflinger was trained on and I still use it.I think ground work would work well.Try putting his bridle on and and just walk beside him and turn him right and left and stop ect.Then if he does well go from there.If you feel he's ready for you to get back on then try. :) hope i helped a little!

Dave Singleton 05-10-2007 01:43 PM

If you are not sure then I would personally advise waiting for the professional, particularly if you are considering moving to the more severe bits. I personally never try to go above the snaffle as nearly all problems with evading the bit etc. are a training problem and I feel the horse should be trained out of it into better habits. Severe bits are often a cop-out to save all the training! I would much prefer to take the time to train the horse into a nicer bit so that you know that the horse is safe and is happy. If you rely on a severe bit for control then you will probably have a few other problems coming along pretty soon!


PS - Saying that a kimberwick isn't too bad although I doubt that he will listen to it if he completely disregards a snaffle. Worth a try though I suppose.
I have also heard that copper bits are also worth a try as some horses just can't stand the taste of steel so that whatever bit you try he will still try his best to avoid it!

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