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omgpink 10-28-2008 11:38 PM

Pony Rides; get excited!!!! *pics*
So down at the clubhouse, they had a little festival thing and they had a petting zoo/pony rides/train rides/etc. It was fun, for the little kids, but I did get some nice shots of my sister and her friends on the pony rides, and some of just the ponies. I usually feel really bad for these guys, but the owners weer really nice. They didn't have the saddle's cinched all the way, after each ride they gave the horses water and they would rub each one, the horses weren't just walking on grass they were walking on some mat thing that looked to filled with memory foam or something, so it was nice! :]
This little guy is ADORABLE!
Love this guys color and forelock.
Cute, not?
I think he was trying to impersonate a donkey. ;]
This pony was my fav! He gave me some great pics.
He's so bashful!
Perfect picture!
Riding pics:
My sister is one the buckskin, her friends are on the chestnuts.
Her brother is so cute, haha I just had to throw that in there! :roll:
My favorite pic of the whole day.

Painted Ride 10-29-2008 10:28 AM

very cute pics!!! you sister and her friend look like they really enjoyed their selves.....some of the ponies look like " aww man here we are at another one"...but still cute. i love the pony with the really long forelock! what a neat color:wink:

kickshaw 10-29-2008 10:40 AM

their coats look really healthy too - - they're probably bored, but they look great!

great pics - thanks for sharing!

Dumas'_Grrrl 10-29-2008 11:39 AM

I love the "seatbelts"!!!! What good pictures. I agree with Kickshaw, the ponies look good tho probably bored silly.

Angel_Leaguer 10-29-2008 12:09 PM


Originally Posted by Dumas'_Grrrl (Post 176515)
I love the "seatbelts"!!!! What good pictures. I agree with Kickshaw, the ponies look good tho probably bored silly.

I was going to comment on that too (the "seatbelts") Thanks for sharing!!! Thats is always fun for kids to do, the ponys do look bored but atleast they look very well cared for.

PoptartShop 10-29-2008 02:44 PM

Aww, looks like fun!! :D Very cute!

my2geldings 10-29-2008 02:45 PM

I'm pretty sure they have something similar to this here at spruce meadows during tournaments for the kids. It looks like you had a good time :)

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