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Dreamcatcher5 04-02-2013 07:51 PM

May I just have a tiny little RANT?
There's this girl who goes to my sister's school, 11 years old. She is currently looking at a 12 year old Don't really know what gender, but it's either a mare or gelding (at least not a stallion :shock:) she is having it for a trial (phew, at least) today. Before she met my sister, she wasn't much of a horsey person, but since they started hanging out, sues started lessons (about 6 months ago.) I've been to one of her lessons and her riding is...well...I don't want to be mean...but she seems to be able to imitate a potato sack quite well :? Sorry...the only thing she uses to make the lesson pony go forward is a crop. Even the riding instructor was very frustrated at the end of the lesson.
This girl doesn't know what a Skewbald is. She calls it a Screwball. Seriously :shock: She can barely trot. She has no idea of nutrition for horses and her parents are not horsey at all. Sie plans to keep the horse with a lady who does horse treks and she will visit the horse at least once a week to ride it. I don't know. I just dint think this girl is ready for a horse. She could lease one first, and attend lessons with it, instead of going off lessons after 6 MONTHS and getting a $6000 horse of her own. I know this is none of my business but I just feel so sorry for a horse like that to be wasted. Here are some exact quotes from that girl.

"I've already had lessons for 6 months, I don't need them anymore, I can ride already."
"There's no way I'm gonna clean a horse's privates. Your sister can do it for me."
"I don't know how big he is, probably 18 hands or something. I don't know how big the owner's hands are..." :shock:
"It's a Stationbred Pinto purebred." (and why does she keep calling the horse an "it"??
Sorry, I just had to let out this "little" rant. IMO, this is a recipe for disaster. Even if the horse does manage to put up with her riding and teaches her some basic stuff while she owns it, I don't think they will reach their full potential...with no lessons.. I'm just concerned for the horse. This girl knows only the tiniest bit of basic stuff about horsemanship. It hurts just thinking about it....I may be overreacting but this horse is a beauty...the girl showed me a pic. It would be a shame if the horse got hurt or sick because of the girl's lack of knowledge...:-(
Thank you, rant over.
Horsey kisses from Luca if you read it all

TheAQHAGirl 04-02-2013 07:58 PM

I'd sit down with the parents and talk about how horses are big responsibilities and aren't for everyone.

Was she on a trail horse to lease or buy?
I would also inform her that there is much more to horses or equestrian than just, "How to hang on and how to go."

Just nice and simple, make it as a matter-of-fact statement and try not to be rude about it. Not saying that you would be but just making sure.

Dreamcatcher5 04-02-2013 08:20 PM

I've done that before, had a talk to her and everything, and talked to her parents too. The mother said: "Don't worry, it's an older horse (it's only 12 :?)
so he's really calm and she's had lessons (6 months :?) so she knows what she's doing. If she gets u nure, you can always help her and show her what to do." That girl doesn't even live close to me AND WHY WOULD I WANT TO SPEND MY PRECIOUS SCARCE TIME I can spend with MY OWN HORSE on a horse that isn't mine and that I've tried to prevent this girl from getting. With me not having much time for my darling Luca, I don't think I want to help a girl who ignores my helpful hints of the ups and downs of horsemanship. I think it's too late already :-( I'm quite sore she's gonna get that horse. She is really good at ignoring me :?
I'm in a really frustrated mood right now, so sorry for my mini rant here :-x

oh vair oh 04-02-2013 08:25 PM

Some people have more money than sense.

But hey, she'll get bucked off in a month, and you can probably get a pretty $6,000 horse for free!

Dreamcatcher5 04-02-2013 08:35 PM

Yes, I was thinking that, the back of my head...but then again...we don't have space for another horse...except if it's going to be my Dad's horse, because he's looking for one :D so....maybe....

AlexS 04-02-2013 09:20 PM

Gosh you sound incredibly jealous.

She plans to board the horse, so she doesn't need to know about nutrition. Also the barn owner will notify her of any health concerns etc.

SlideStop 04-02-2013 09:24 PM

Unfortunately you don't need a licence to own a horse, only money.

I know several people who absolutely know squat about horses who buy a horse(s). One woman purchased a horse an I aske if he was an appendix. She asked what an appendix was and I told her its a QH/TB cross. Her response... "He's not an half TB he's half stallion...". Mistaking breed and gender?? Wow.

I saw another woman ride in a gymkahana show with her reins on the curb ring of her Tom thumb bit, the saddle pad slipped back 2" and the girth visibly loose. Of course she was cantering around on the wrong lead and flopping all over the horse... What can I say? Nothing. Unfortunately its not my horse and she is not my student.

They only thing you can do is offer advice in hopes it will benefit the horse.
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Dreamcatcher5 04-02-2013 10:24 PM

AlexS: not much jealousy involved here, just concern for the horse. Although I WOULD love to take him if I could...AGH, NO! I can't think about this, I don't need another horse :? Although I would LIKE one :lol: Oh, and the lady she's keeping them with also has no real idea about horses. Her horses are all extremely overweight and the tack is in an atrocious state. I've gone there before, I'm not going back there. I don't know much about western saddles, but I do know something about a second girth or cinch (whatever it's called...sorry, I ride English and have almost NO IDEA of western riding.) that is supposed to be NOT TIGHT, and the horses with that lady have those cinched super tight.

SlideStop: Oh god. The exact girl I'm ranting about said something very similar to that. She told me: "my friend's horse is part stallion, part wild." oookayyyy.......:shock::?
Once, she came over for a sleep over with my sis, and we all went down to the paddock to see Luca. I think she partly ruined something in's why. Luca used to follow anyone amd everyone around the paddock, jut walking behind them calmly, not stepping on their heels or crowding them. Well, he did the same to the girl when she was in the paddock, and she freaked out...she went faster and faster, and of course Luca followed, safely in a slow trot, staying about a metre behind the girl. She completely lost it, spun around, smacked Luca in the face and told me that my horse was trying to chase her. From then on, Luca never followed anyone anymore, except me when he had a halter on or after I'd given him a good cuddle. He's really slowly starting to follow me again, but only sometimes. That's why I'm so concerned for the girl's new horse.

AlexS 04-02-2013 11:35 PM

The girl you are ranting about is 11 years old. The post that you made where you are quoting her, you realize that she is 11 years old right? She's just a baby, and you are coming here and publically slating her.

I really don't think that's ok.

existentialpony 04-02-2013 11:44 PM


Originally Posted by AlexS (Post 2110073)
Gosh you sound incredibly jealous.

She plans to board the horse, so she doesn't need to know about nutrition. Also the barn owner will notify her of any health concerns etc.

Why wouldn't she need to know about nutrition? I full board my horse, but they look to me for how many lbs of grass vs. alfalfa, supplements, etc. Most board situations provide hay and that's it. You're lucky if they'll blanket for free.

OP, I feel your pain, but sadly it's something you have to look past and keep living your own life! I would be a little jealous (heck, I'm 24 and bought my first horse a few months ago! 11 years old and 6 grand?!) but just don't think about it. Focus on your lovely Luca. :)

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