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Dumas'_Grrrl 10-30-2008 11:20 AM

Thursday Breakfast!!!!!
OK... I have a plethora of mini donuts... chocolate, powdered, the coconut crumbly ones...and some glazed mini crullers. MmMmMmmM... Oh... and plenty of Moo Juice to go with them.

Coffee is on the stove, I found the perk-o-matic and thought I'd make some "cowboy coffee" this morning! (If it's yucky pretend its cappuccino:wink:)

It's going to be another BEAUTIFUL day in the Ozarks! Sunny and a high of 72 perfect degrees.

I'm going to try to get some of the "outside chores" buttoned up today, I have to take some stuff to the dairy barn for the winter, like plant pots and tiki torches...some assorted kids toys. I should really get the porch ready and cleaned to minimize the mouse vs. spilled grain ratio. Although.. My cat is a fierce mouser and my new heeler "Boots" has started to mouse too.. it's the craziest thing ever, She looks like she is going NUTZ in the yard and then all of a sudden she comes trotting back up to the porch with a dead mouse!!! Good Puppy! :wink:

Anyways, Hope everyone has a chance to enjoy the day!
Take care of yourselves!!!
~ Amy

Anyone seen Painted lady??? What about Gaited??? I miss our Morning get-togethers....

RusticWildFire 10-30-2008 12:35 PM

I miss our regular morning threads also! I don't always post on them but when I do I really enjoy them :-)

Anywho, I just got done studying for a quiz. I have to head over to campus for my 1:00 quiz and class, then another class and then Physics lab 4-6 then more homework and studying. Big Anatomy exam Wednesday.

Woo hoo! Hopefully do something fun tonight. It's my b-day tomorrow 8-)!! But more importantly for many it's Halloween!! Yay! Everyone ready to go trick or treating?

I'm getting excited, get to go home and see my horses tomorrow!! And my parents too, of course :) hehe.

Haha Dumas thats funny about the dog. My dog used to do that too. A lot of the times though I think she got the ones our cats left injured in the yard..:roll: But my dog always was good at getting bunnies. Especially baby bunnies...:-| I tried to rescue one once but it didn't go so well.

Anywho, Thanks for the breakfast! Off for quiz time!

Have a wonderful day everyone.

Oh yea, and Dumas, enjoy the 70's!! That is a wonderful temp! Although it's 50s here. Not bad either. Snow is coming soon! Yay :) I can't wait to ski!

horsey*kisses 10-30-2008 12:42 PM

good morning! mmm doughnuts that sound so good, but i think ill hoof it to someplace and buy a cheeseburger lol
today is the same as yesterday when i get home im going to try to ride didnt happen yesterday lol i got really busy really fast
tomorrow is halloween!!! my favorite holiday! lol
happy early bday rustic!!!!
i have to go take notes lol
everyone have a great day!!!!

Moxie 10-30-2008 01:58 PM

Good afternoon everyone. I'm starting to feel a little better today. I am super excited for my riding lesson, and I can't wait to see Seth tonight.

I'll take some of those powdered donuts, as long as they weren't touching the coconut ones. :???:

I have to do a number on my house because Seth's teacher is coming over tomorrow for a home visit. I guess they do those for all of the families. I have homework to spit out, and Halloween costumes to prep. Not a very good time for me to be down in the dumps! You all have helped me a lot. Thank you.

Have a great day.

iridehorses 10-30-2008 03:20 PM


Originally Posted by Dumas'_Grrrl (Post 177275)
Anyone seen Painted lady??? What about Gaited??? I miss our Morning get-togethers....

I was wondering about them also. I looked on another site and Gaited hasn't posted there in quite a while either - hope everything is OK.

DONUTS!!! Finally ... I was getting tired of granola and jello. You're the best Amy!

It's beautiful here too even after a real frosty morning. I enjoyed riding in the early morning but now I have to do it in the afternoon. Unfortunately there usually seems to be something that gets in the way of my training time - imagine that!

Glad you're felling better Moxie. Study hard rustic. hmmmm, cheeseburger, good idea horsey.

Vidaloco 10-30-2008 03:55 PM

Thanks for the donut offer but I better pass. Just got home from the dentist. Got my teeth cleaned and I'm all sparkly again :D
Its a beautiful day here too. I need to wake Tony up and make him go riding with me. Haven't been since Wednesday and with the nice weather I feel guilty sitting in the house.

3neighs 10-30-2008 05:20 PM

Good afternoon everyone! As I was heading out the door this morning to take the girls to school I saw Luna and Ogre out in the yard. Luckily they didn't protest being caught, but everyone was still late to school.

Beautiful day here today, too, but didn't get a ride in. Maybe tomorrow...

No donuts, it's time to make dinner. I wouldn't mind some carrots, though. Why am I the only one on this thread without them?

iridehorses 10-30-2008 06:35 PM

Hi Jen, I'd give you one of mine if I could - your horses must be starving!

(Hmmm that's an idea - being able to give your carrots to someone - I'll ask Mike)

3neighs 10-30-2008 09:47 PM


...your horses must be starving!
Especially Stella, she's still on her way to your house for those donuts. She should make it by tomorrow so throw some carrots in her trick-or-treat bucket, too. :wink:

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