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Countrygal108 10-30-2008 09:42 PM

Adopting a horse from a rescue
Has anyone here ever adopted a horse from a rescue?? Did you feel that you were doing a good thing or was it just buying another horse?? How much was the rescue horse?? Did you feel the prices were to high??

FGRanch 10-30-2008 11:23 PM

I adopted my baby Dillon. It was really a combination of both, I was purchasing another horse but one that was really in need. I paid $525 for him and he was eight months old at the time. He was registerd and has exceptional conformation but I still feel that it was very high for a young horse here in Alberta. But it was love at first sight. I didn't care the price I had to have him!

FancyAppy 10-30-2008 11:41 PM

I have worked with several Rescue Groups. Please feel free to PM me with your questions if you like.
Our latest horse was adopted thru a rescue organization.She is wonderful and the organization we worked with was outstanding in every way.

Painted Ride 10-31-2008 10:22 AM

i actually was able to rescue my horse...she was free...the man had abandond them and left them to die....

NorthernMama 10-31-2008 08:38 PM


Originally Posted by Countrygal108 (Post 177762)
Has anyone here ever adopted a horse from a rescue?? Did you feel that you were doing a good thing or was it just buying another horse?? How much was the rescue horse?? Did you feel the prices were to high??

I tried to once, but the silly boy wouldn't get into the trailer and the bo was very controlling over how it should be done, so we left without the horse and left a few items in donation anyway. Too bad, he was a really nice QH/Belgium cross, blind in one eye -- real sweetie. We already had a name for him:-( it was a long, sad drive home. She wanted only enough $ to cover his initial price from the auction, shots, basic vet care, and farrier fees. About $500 -- would have been more than fair.

However, every other rescue I had contacted wanted me to sign contracts and I wasn't prepared to do that. Sorry. While I understand their thinking behind the contract is to protect a horse that has already been through some rough times, if I pay out actual dollars, I will not relinquish any kind of responsibility / ownership / future to anyone else.

So, I ended up taking rescues directly from the track. Ends up I feel more responsibility toward the previous owner when I am taking the horse for free than I ever would if I paid for them. I stay in contact with the owner for as long as the horse(s) is(are) with me (as long as they live), or as long as they wish to stay in touch. They are welcome at any time to come and see the horse after the first 4 weeks unless there are health issues.

I don't expect much from a horse at my house, so it's a great place for rescues. I wish I had room, time and money for a hundred of them. Even when I have lost a horse, I remind myself that the last time spent on earth was happy and secure as I scuttle off to prepare to take in a new one.

Countrygal108 10-31-2008 11:12 PM

I work with a local rescue group, well my mom started a rescue group, about 5 years ago. And I am very much into running of this group. Not many people understand what we are doing, and so they make it very hard on us. But then you have people who do care. But I look on internet and see rescue groups and wonder why they are doing this. If they are wanting to find a good home for the horses, then why are they charging so much. The highest our fee is 600.00, and that is for a good riding horse. And then they go down from there. Even though our fees are less then some rescues, it is hard to find good homes for unridable horses. But if you look at some of these groups, they are trying to find homes for these PMU mares out of Canada, and want 1000.00 dollars for them. Does anyone else think that is kinda crazy??

FGRanch 11-01-2008 12:09 AM

I got a PMU mare ( I live in Canada) before they shut down the PMU barns for about $400 I think.

appylover31803 11-01-2008 12:22 PM

I was looking into rescuing a horse for a rescue but I did not like the whole "The horse will remain propery of x rescue" and that at any time, if they felt it was necessary, the horse could be removed and I would have NO say in it. I understand they want the horses to always be in good care and in good condition, but those things right there really turned me off to it, not to mention price. If I wanted a sound riding horse that could jump and everything I would be looking at around $2,000. I thought it was just a tad high.

So in the end, I found a horse that was privately owned that I got for $1,000.

ETA, I did find this wonderful tb up for adoption. He was the sweetest horse in the world, but he needed a lot of work (was ridden in a gag and would flip out, rears for the farrier, very timid, would freak if someone yelled, would tense up when he saw his old owner) He was only $1800 and he has competed. But there were things about the deal (I couldn't test ride him that day, I had to come back in 2 weeks where I might have a possibility of riding him) and his "baggage". Normally I would have loved to have taken him, but I was looking for a mellow horse.

FGRanch 11-01-2008 01:13 PM

I was really lucky that way. I had to sign a sort of contract for Dillon. But it didn't say that I had to return him or anything. Just that I would take the best possible care of him and that I couldn't sell him to slaughter unless he was declared unsound of mind or body by a vet, which is fine by me. He is MY horse and I can do anything with him.

Countrygal108 11-01-2008 05:12 PM

We do try to match our horses up with their owners. And the only contract that they sign, is they are not to sell the horse at a public sale barn. Since alot of the horses that end up in Mexico are perfectly good horses. But if they want to sell the horse to a friend or so, then why wouldn't they. And we can always take the horse back in the rescue if something was to happen. But our ridable horses go for a flat fee of 600 dollars.. And we do work with people on that prica to. Why pass up a good home just cause of the fee?? We are not able to work with the horses like maybe other rescues, in training them to do hunter jumper, or what not.. If I did not have two small kids I would love to go ride the rescue horses everyday, just to help them find homes.

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