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Skippy! 12-21-2006 01:50 PM

A Fun Online Pony Game :D
I just had to share this :)

I play this game called PonyIsland.. When i first saw it, i thought it was just another game like Horseland, where you can breed and show horses, but you had to provide your own images.. but with this game.. images are included x_x!

When you breed a pony, it gets its own hex codes, which are applied to an image. When the baby is born, it has a "youth" image, then grows up and has an Adult image. Furthermore, ponies wont die of Old Age, they only die if you dont feed them, or over contest them.

They also have Sgenes, which is short for Special Genes. These Special Genes allow them to have fun patterns like Paints (like a Paint horse) Rainbow Hair, Stockings/Socks on their legs, ZigZag stripes on their body like a tiger or zebra, or a single stripe of a different color in their mane. You can breed ponies with Sgenes together, to get double Sgene babies. So you can have a rainbow haired pony, with stockings =)

Sadly, it does cost money to play the game, but all the money goes right back into the game. This isn't like Neopets, they arent out to scam you. The community is close knit and the Owner/Creators of the site are online daily, and extremely sweet to ALL players. To get a 6 month membership it is $14.00, and to get a year membership, its $23.00. But, anyone is welcome to a free 20 Trial membership to play the game, create your first pony, and buy/breed other ponies =)

Whats awesome.. is you get a daily salary, and when you buy an account you can catch something called a "Pixie" and she hangs out in the stable, and as soon as you open your stable page up, she sums up who needs to be fed, and feeding all your ponies is as easy as clicking one button. Same with vetting.. i wish real horse care was that easy!! Trial users cant get them, because they require Bonus Points, or BP. As soon as you pay for your account, you will get enough BP for one =) Ponies eat 20 Pony Gold worth of food a day, and every day, your salary is 20 PG per each pony you own, and 1,000 PG ontop of that. So you can own any amount of pony you want, and still be able to take care of them =)

Here are some pictures of the most popular ponies as babies and adults =)

Phoenix Ponies:

(Note the stocking Sgene on the Adult, and the Paint Sgene on the baby)

(Note the Paint Sgene on the adult, and the ZigZag Sgene on the baby)

Winged Unicorns:

(Both Sgenes, and yes, you can breed ponies to look natural! I have a few chestnuts, blacks, and palominos =) )

(Lol.. still Sgenes.. i love paints XD)

Im getting lazy.. but there are other breeds, such as:

Mermaid Ponies (Merponies)
Shell Ponies (Nasty Turtle looking things.. lol)
Sea Ponies (Like a Sea Horse)
Earthies (Like normal horses)
Dragon Ponies
Flutter Ponies
Fairy Ponies

And i think those are all the breeds. I can post pictures of any of the breeds if requested =) I have nearly one of everything! Lol! And, as you can see from the pictures, you can put items on your ponies, like bows, crowns, bracelets, etc =) You can also tattoo them =) Like this Earth Mare, who has been tattooed to look like an Appaloosa!

Interested in playing? Click the link below and sign up :D Since the trial account is free, its worth a shot, right?

I don't own this site or anything, im just a very active member and like to have new friends on the game =) Its so terribly addicting!

Rio's Kabam 01-03-2007 07:58 PM

Hehe. Those are so adorable! I'll have to try it out sometime...

barnrat 01-03-2007 08:04 PM

cute little ponys!

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