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mustbemonroe 04-03-2013 07:22 PM

Potential hock issue
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While lunging Monroe last night I noticed that going to the right he was not tracking up with his right hind. I checked him for everything I could think of (soreness in his back/hindquarters, stones in his feet, any type of swelling or heat indicating injury) and found nothing. I had my trainer look at him today and on the straight away he tracked up perfectly fine. Lunged him and again, he was coming up short when trotting to the right.

The chiro is coming out on Sunday so I'll have him adjusted to see if that helps, but I'm thinking he could be starting to show wear in his hocks. He's a 15 y/o OTTB who raced until he was 6. I got him 4 months off the track and he's always been more of a pleasure horse than anything. We've done lower level eventing and some little hunter shows, but nothing in the past 4 years, just riding and an occasional lesson.

I was wondering what you would do in this situation? I was thinking of starting him on Lubrisyn to see if that helped before calling the vet to do a soundness exam/x rays/injections. TIA!

Ashsunnyeventer 04-03-2013 07:28 PM

I'm not sure if it could be a hock issue, but I wouldn't give him anything before the vet comes. You don't want to mask the soreness/lameness. I made this mistake with my OTTB and it took an extra month to diagnose navicular changes because he wouldn't limp for any of the vets!

It's awesome that your OTTB is in such good health. My 16yr old OTTB (on the track 'till he was 3) has stifle and hock problems along with navicular. You would feel any stifle problems when you are riding, but have you thought about the hip?
Also, I've been told that lunging is hard on a horse's joints, especially the hocks and stifles. You may just be starting to see these signs before it's a big problem, so that's good!

Sorry I'm not more of a help. Good luck!

mustbemonroe 04-03-2013 11:41 PM

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Thanks! Yeah, I think I'd feel better having a vet look at it. I'll still have the chiro adjust him, hopefully he's just out of alignment.
We've been really lucky with him...I've never dealt with any lameness until recently :/ Hopefully it's something that is treatable and not too progressive.

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