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MangoRoX87 04-04-2013 11:33 PM

Just gotta get it out of my head.
This thread doesn't even need to be read. Feel free to put your in put, but I think I just need to put it out in words so I can understand better whats going on in my head...

My parents told me that I needed to reduce my herd down to three (currently four). I REFUSE to sell Rosie. She was (and still is) my go to horse, after Mango passed she was the greatest drill horse ever. She carried me farther than any other horse. I got her when she was 16, she is now 22. Even if she became no longer rideable, I would STILL keep her till her dying day. She means the world to be and I find it terrible to sell an old friend. I won't sell Playboy, seeming that I bought him (with my own money I worked my butt off to get!) to be my first REAL show horse and hopefully really take me places. I won't sell Dusty because he is going to be my step up horse after Playboy. That leaves Sassy.

Now let me tell you about Sassy. She has an attitude streak a mile wide but will work her butt off for you. She is always into everything and is a pain in my parents butt (I find it hilarious to be honest!). Yet that's what attracts me to her. There is a reason I named her "Sassy";) Realistically, Sassy would be the first to go. It kills me. Sassy was out of my first horse. She was my first horse to break to saddle and the first horse I ever had a head on collision with (not that that should be a milestone or measurement O.o). I can rattle off the list of crazy things I have been through with that horse..
*weanling, falling head-over-heels over a fence into the neighbors yard..still don't understand how that happened.
*yearling, falling in the in ground pool
*yearling, pretend wedding between Sassy and best friends horse.
*yearling-now, eating trailer lights
*2 year old, ripped 2 inch chunk off of her...lady part.
*3 year old, bad colic
*4 year old, pigeon fever
*4 year old, took off across gravel parking lot when I turned my back
I'm terrified

The thing is, my parents said that while I was still making minimal wage. I will be working two jobs this summer, M-F 8-5 at one, then every evening and weekend at the other. The evening job I will be making $9 an hour, then at the other job $400 a week (seeming that's how much I was pulling in a month). I have been supporting my horses for the past year, and I know how much everything costs me and I can more than support them. It's not a time issue either. I ride all of my horses several times a week, only difference is is that this summer it will be in the evenings (work, and 115 degree heat lol). I absolutely HATE having to ask my parents for anything; gas, food, trailer my horses, anything. I want to be as independent as I possibly can..

I think my parents think I have spread myself too thin. I don't fully comprehend that. I have two reining horses (Playboy & Dusty), a semi-retired speed event horse (Rosie) and an up and coming speed event horse (Sassy). Two disciplines. And I seem to be doing fine, I have good grades as a full time college student, I work full time, ride all the time and still squeeze in time to hangout with my boyfriend and friends.

I don't want to sound selfish and childish that I "need to keep all my pretty ponies because I lurv them sooo muchhhh". But last year I sold my first horse, Dream, and the year before that I sold my heart horse, Rebel. And I still can't get over Rebel.... I don't want to go through that again. My parents have gone through some bad financial struggles the past couple years. I think that my dad views them (although he does enjoy them, don't get me wrong) as another money pit. I've shown him time and time again I can take care of them all on my own, but it's like the THOUGHT of Sassy being here costs him dad hates Sassy.:?

Muppetgirl 04-04-2013 11:42 PM

In all reality.....horses are money pits. May I ask, are you saving any money? Or is it all getting chewed up and pooped out by the horses? Your folks may want you to have a future plan in regards to money.......I think if you had one less horse you might feel the pressure came off may not be 'feeling' the pressure, but I can see by your work schedule that you're having to do plenty of hours to maintain this lifestyle........

oh vair oh 04-05-2013 01:16 AM

Haha, you should be lucky you still get to keep three. I only get ONE as decided by my family.

But they know it's also at the point in my life where I should be thinking more about starting a future than getting stuck in the present. I really want to start my own business, and more horses is not going to make that happen for me.

You might give it a long thought on whether to sell one, or even two, and save the money as a nest egg for your future plans in life. It will be painful for the moment, but when you get your future established, you will have much more money and time for all the ponies you want. :)

tinyliny 04-05-2013 01:21 AM

You will work all day m to f and eve's and weekends, so you can ride three horses here and there in bits and pieces. Wow. That sounds really exhausting. And , life should not be so monofacetted. Are you asking for advice?
would you even consider trimming down to two? that would be my advice.

If you can't ride them because you are working all the time, then is that what is best for the horses?

MangoRoX87 04-05-2013 08:29 AM

I've already said I could ride them. It would be in the evenings after work. Even if I had NO job, I would still have to ride in the evenings due to the crazy heat.

The horses aren't really what's hurting my bank account other than the $250 per month payment for Playboy. Otherwise, it's a bag of feed a week or so. What hurts my pocket the most is gas going to school and back. Yes I try to save money, but only working minimal wage has made that impossible.

I didn't exactly want this work schedule, but it just kinda...happened. Lol. The day job is working at the NRHA, and the evening job is working as a supervisor at a water park that I have worked summers at for two years. None if the other supervisors were coming back, and I missed the environment of a low stress outdoor job. It will only be for a few months, and I plan on puting all those checks into my savings account.
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Dustbunny 04-05-2013 11:22 AM

If you weren't living at home could you afford to keep 4?
Part of growing up is learning to set priorities and make correct choices...and those choices are often not easy or fun. It might be a good time to start letting go and find the best situation you can for at least one of your friends.
It's hard.

Annanoel 04-05-2013 12:10 PM

Mango -- I know where you're at. I started with Charlie my Arabian (heart horse), then got Rocky my colt (future all-around prospect), then got Walker, (my reining and speed prospect.) Not to mention the two that I had that didn't stay percheron and another colt. They came from bad situations and found great homes.

Why did I need three or more? I'm not really sure, bad decision. Immaturity. Pretty ponehs, I luvvvedddd them...

Let me tell you I thought I was fine...till recently. I was going to school full-time, working one job full time, and doing other farm help for extra money. I was paying $150 a month per horse, totaling $450. I had gas to get to school about 40 miles away from me one way, not to mention insurance, phone bill, money to go out with my boyfriend. I was in over my head and didn't realize it. I felt like I was fine, and could fit everything in, while in reality I was up at 4am and didn't go to bed till almost midnight. I was EXHAUSTED. It was hard I wanted to keep all of them but as a full time student / employee / girlfriend it wasn't an option.

Now, I don't have to worry about having them at home I board at BF's parents' farm. Still though, it was a lot of money. I had to make a decision and I sold my younger colt. I was attached, I cried for days but he ultimatley went to a great home and I know he's fine and given more love than I had time for. My heart horse Charlie is now at my uncles, only paying $50 a month now JUST to cover hay. He's taking care of the rest. Charlie has some outstanding issues and is now just being a horse. Another sacrifice it wasn't worth paying $150 with fancy options when he just needed to be out in pasture. Walker is my only horse at the barn currently turning three soon, started and ready to go in any direction.

I bawled, I stomped my feet, probably didn't act my age through the temper tantrums, but I loved my horses. It overall was better for my horses, they got the time they needed, I had free time now. I'm getting better sleep and am now able to move out with my boyfriend. We're actually moving to the barn! I can't wait we're now able to have an apartment and I feel like I have my life back. I can breathe now, not have to struggle, and everything has slowed down and it's nice.

I still get updates both from my uncle and Rocky's new owners. If / when you do find homes for others keep in touch with them! Some won't, some will, but I sure am glad I am still able to see him grow up.

It's HARD, I know that, I thought I was fine. I didn't want to do it. I do appreciate the time and extra money I have now. I've got money in my pocket to take to horse fair, and spend on extra tack. :wink:

It may be best to get down to three, even two as others have said. Didn't mean for the novel, just giving you my firsthand experience.

wausuaw 04-05-2013 12:37 PM

I like dustbunny's point. Do you live with your parents? What happens when you are "on your own", what if (forbid) something happened to your parents, what would you do? Would you be in a position to care for them? Are you saving money at all (if not, you need to). What if one of your horses got seriously injured, do you have money saved up for emergency vet bills? What if YOU got injured, do you have money saved up for the care of you and your horses assuming you can't work?

It's hard to give up any animal, but you have to make sure you are REALLY in a position to care for them in any case, good or bad.

From the sounds of it, I make more than you, and I can only really afford to take 2 horses, as well as pay mortgage, utilities, save money, and other misc bills that arise. That's without having to board (and I live fairly cheaply, even still I put away 400$ per month for horses to account for any emergencies in addition to their regular care.)

Things to consider...

Annanoel 04-05-2013 12:46 PM

^^ Couldn't agree more with some points Wausuaw made! I have now been able to put money away into a seperate horse savings account. Vet bills, etc are to be paid from that account so it's always there.

I KNOW I'm not on my feet yet, and not financially ready to take on any more horses. It is hard to come to the realization of that, but at this time in your life I think you have to.

Let me tell you, I'm so ready to finish school settle into a job and start looking for my farm. When the time comes it'll be a dream come true and you're working towards it now. You just have to take things in stride.

beau159 04-07-2013 08:43 PM

I agree with the others who have made the point of saving money

Sure, you can afford them now. But what will you do when you have apartment rent? Or when one horse gets into the fence with a $1,500 vet bill and care expenses?

Do you currently own your own pickup and trailer? If not, how would you afford a downpayment to purchase one?

How about a wedding down the road? How will you save money for that?

Or owning your own home someday? Depending on the bank and the loan, you may need to make a 20% downpayment. On a "cheap" $100,000 house, that's still $20,000.

I only bring up all these points because I kind of wish I would have waited one year to buy a trailer, and bring my horses with me. I'm lucky that my parents kept them for me while I was in school.

But with 2 horses, with Red getting hurt and needing an extra $2,000 in care over the course of the months, and then needing to put new tires on my horse trailer ($700+), and paying $200 to $300 a month in gas just to get there, etc etc etc. Well, it is making it really hard for my husband and I to buy a lot and build a house. MONEY IS SO TIGHT right now.

I know you love your horses dearly, but if you are living paycheck to paycheck at the moment and are "caught up" but yet you do not have any extra money to put away in savings, then you need to get of one horse for sure ..... maybe two.

Savings are so important!!!!

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