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PunksTank 04-06-2013 10:50 AM

Belgian Conformation
So many of you have already seen all my posts on my newest baby <3 He's just the love of my life!!

Just for learning's sake I'm curious about his conformation. I've never met another Belgian like him! Most Belgians I know are 16-17 hands, broad, heavy legs and light feathering, they're also almost all chestnuts (flaxen or otherwise).
Revel is about 18.2 (couldn't quite measure him he was flapping around :P) and narrow, not as heavily built as the other Belgians. Does anyone know if there is a special line of Belgians that they're making to be like him? Are the bred for a different purpose?

He lived his life as a carriage horse (i drove him years ago) after a few years of watching his condition deteriorate I quit, a few years later they finally were willing to sell him to me. He came in pretty terrible shape, it's been almost 2 months so his weight is coming back on and he's rehydrated. So in judging his conformation keep in mind that he's coming back from being very underweight, he had lost almost all his muscle tone on his top line and hind end.

Sorry for my novel ^^ here are the pics!!

For size comparison, I'm 5ft

This was the condition he arrived in - it's been about 2 months since then

Jake and Dai 04-06-2013 11:09 AM

What a cutie!

I don't know anything about Belgian conformation but am definitely interested as I have a cross who looks way more Belgian than whatever it is he's crossed with. But he is of the heavier persuasion, 17hh and as wide as a couch.

PunksTank 04-06-2013 11:13 AM

I just looked - What a cutie Jake is!!
That's the type of Belgian I usually see, the big and heavy. Revel is tall and narrow and he's a gold champagne - which I didn't think Belgians could come in? But I could be wrong.

Jake and Dai 04-06-2013 11:26 AM

:) Thanks PunksTank!

deserthorsewoman 04-06-2013 12:05 PM

First of all....I have no clue about drafts:-)
But, I assume he's been gelded very early. Early geldings tend to grow taller but stay a bit narrow.
He was malnourished, no muscle. Once he fills out to where he should be, he'll widen. My Snipper was narrower than my Arab when I bought them. She gained the much needed 300 lbs and turned into the tank she should be.
Color: I don't see golden champagne? I see a flaxen chestnut. Might be my phone...anyway, deep, rich color comes with proper nutrition, also. So I wouldn't worry...just keep doing what you're doing:-)

TheLastUnicorn 04-06-2013 12:14 PM

From what these photos show (better photos would be easier to work with), he's a nice looking fella. I think he looks like a typical Belgian to me.

Have you actually used a stick with a level to measure him? There are certainly 18+hh Belgians, some show hitches can get gigantic...

And I know this is picky and everything, but since you brought it up, he isn't a gold champagne - at least not one single photo here makes me think he is. His eyes appear dark, and there are no freckles on him, he also doesn't appear to have a diluted coat - champagnes MUST have gold or green eyes AND freckles, and usually their coat is obviously diluted (golds can mimic Palominos and ambers can mimic Buckskin... But none that I have ever seen look red). Aside from that, I think you are quite correct, I have never heard of champagne in Belgians - from what I understand ALL American Cream Drafts are champagne though (or perhaps it's that they need to be to be papered...). Just a totally useless bit of information there. To me he looks like a flaxen chestnut like most Belgians I have seen.

He is very cute, and looks like he has a great temperment! Looking at the before picture, he is very lucky to have found you!

PunksTank 04-06-2013 12:26 PM

Funny I always assumed he was a champagne (maybe not gold?) because he has really light eyes. But he doesn't have freckled skin, he has lavender skin :3
I just ran downstairs and got some pictures of his eyes

This was him a few years ago, back when I first started driving him when he was healthy and in a summer coat:

And yes - he has definitely got a personality on him! Much like a puppy dog ^^ I don't really care what color he is, but if he's not champagne it explains his belgian-hood :P
I haven't got a stick to measure him with either, just a tape that he wouldn't stand for xD

But what do people think of his conformation?

Clayton Taffy 04-06-2013 01:13 PM

2 Attachment(s)
What a beautiful boy! And lucky too, what a shame he got in that condition at the carriage company. Great job getting him back on track.
His hind quarter hip area looks weak. That is what eventually did in two of my Clydes, They couldn't get up off the ground any more.

I had two Belgians, The mare I bought for my Mom to ride and drive, She was about 15.2 and relatively stocky.

Attachment 150593

Of course she was bred, and her colt was taller and leaner, he topped out at 17+. This photo I think he was about 3.

Attachment 150601

PunksTank 04-06-2013 01:45 PM

Aww Taffy they're lovely!! Those are the Belgians I'm used to seeing and I feel like he just looks different, maybe I'm just seeing him different cause he's my baby :P
I'm very concerned about that Taffy, about his hind end - is there anything I can do to help prevent that? He's on a special EPSM diet, very high fat and vitamin E.

DraftyAiresMum 04-06-2013 01:55 PM

I used to ride for a lady who had a Belgian gelding who could have been your guy's clone. He was 18.1hh and, even though he was chubby (all her horses were lol), he was more narrow than her other two Belgian geldings, Bud and Jasper (Bud was 16.3hh and Jasper was 17hh).

King was even the same lighter flaxen chestnut with pangere that your guy is.

Wish I had pics of King. I have pics of all of her other horses, but not King.
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