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toosexy4myspotz 11-03-2008 02:44 PM

Fleece or Cotton Stable Sheet
I am not sure which one to buy. I like the fleece better and think it would be warmer and I could use it under my turnout if need be but I think it would be harder to keep clean. Then I think a cotton one wouldnt be as warm and it would fit kind of bulky under a turnout but it would be easier to clean. Which one do you all like better?

kickshaw 11-03-2008 03:00 PM

cotton sheets aren't bulky (IMO) under a turnout

i like them both for different reasons, although i find myself using the fleece one more often than not ;-)

PoptartShop 11-03-2008 03:03 PM

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I think the fleece is warmer; I like them. :)

toosexy4myspotz 11-03-2008 03:22 PM

Thank you for your quick replies! I really appreciate it!

hotreddun 11-03-2008 03:34 PM

I love my fleece...but by the end of the season...its one giant horse hairball:?

DressageNJumper 11-03-2008 09:32 PM

I, too, prefer the fleece... But they end up getting very hairy. If you found a very warm cotton sheet, I would certainly buy it, though! (Less hair. I'm not a fan of hairballs, hehe.)

Of course...this is just my opinion.

pollydolly22 12-07-2008 05:18 PM

My boy has a fleece one and i think fleece are much better!

mudypony 12-07-2008 07:07 PM

I actually have the Rambo cotton cooler and I LOVE it!! It definately stays much cleaner than a fleece and I think it keeps Brickens quite warm. When I throw it on him after a ride he is always warm when I take it off. It also keeps him warm when I'm tacking up in the freezing cold. I have never used it for turnout though as he would destroy it so I always use a turnout sheet underneath his midweight for extra warmth.

upnover 12-07-2008 08:22 PM

Fleece are nice but collects everything it touches (hair, shavings, dirt, etc). Cotton isn't bulky at all.

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