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horsecrazygirl13 04-07-2013 07:48 PM

Need some help with these saddles....

AnrewPL 04-07-2013 08:53 PM

Looks like your links are not working

JoesMom 04-07-2013 08:55 PM

Nope, no pictures

COWCHICK77 04-07-2013 09:04 PM

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I would pass on all three. What are looking to spend? Maybe we could make some suggestions :)

horsecrazygirl13 04-07-2013 10:41 PM

I want to spend around $300. Sorry about the links. It probably wont help to re-post them?

AnrewPL 04-08-2013 01:55 AM

WOW, I just had a look at them all on ebay. THEY SUCK. The ones they call wade saddles don’t even remotely resemble a wade saddle. Find a good quality used saddle, that would be your better option.

SouthernTrails 04-08-2013 07:38 AM


Saddles made in India, look pretty at 1st glance, because the pay the artist 2.00 per day to engrave the fancy details in the leather.

But looking pretty and being a good saddle that will not hurt your Horse is two different things.

The ads say cowhide and hardwood and I have some dry swampland for sale.

If 300.00 is your budget, look for a used name brand.


Fort fireman 04-08-2013 12:32 PM

I would agree with what was said above. The wade IS NOT a wade. Just a small friendly piece of free advice. Buy the absolute best saddle you can afford. Not neccisarily the most expensive mind you.

A few years back I had a friend of mine shopping for a saddle. She found one of these saddles on ebay for right in the same price range. She also found a really nice rocking r saddle for 700 bucks. She asked my opinion and I told her the same thing. She opted to go with the cheap saddle. When she got it, it felt like riding a fence rail, and the tree was aluminum. It didn't fit the horse and after about 3 months it was literally falling apart. She ended up paying more in the long run than if she had just dumped a little more money up front.

There is your free advise and worth every cent you paid.:D

smrobs 04-08-2013 02:13 PM

Unfortunately, any new western saddle that only cost a few hundred dollars are going to be crap. Generally speaking, pretty much any new saddle (with the exception of a very few smaller custom makers) that is less than $800-$1000 is going to be crap.

If $300 is your budget, like others have said, look for a used big name brand saddle...or keep saving your money and get a better quality new one in a few months.

For just a bit more, you can get a new custom from Corriente that is really good working quality. Mine cost less than $700 and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

horsecrazygirl13 04-08-2013 06:25 PM

Yeah I was also thinking of getting a used one. I saw a used simco for $300 a little while ago but missed the auction because i didnt know what size it was. Strangely no one was bidding.... I;m still mad at myself for not taking the chance and bidding.:-x

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