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Silent Assassin 04-30-2007 02:28 PM

My favourite horses...
Okay, this is a pic of True Lily - 5 m by Joshua Dancer(USA) out of Tritonia, she's one of the yard "champs" coz she's won loads of races for us and will probably go on to be a breedmare later this year.

Cartier's Dream - fondly known as "Carts" is the "Old Man" in the yard, he's 11 and by Salaadim, he won loads of races in his career and is now used mostly for teaching the babies abot pens and the like..

Muswatunya - "Muzi"..his name means Smoke that thunders, and is named for Victoria Falls....he's by Rambo Dancer out of White Water, when he came to us he was supposedly "Ready to Race"...what a joke, the poor little chap could hardly even trot in a straight line...but a month with me on his back and he was just about ready to go into his first dressage show.... :)

Ports - Port Augusta - unfortunately broke down soon after this pic was taken, at the moment we're rehabing him, and once he's better we'll find a nice home for him to retire to. He won 5 races and is 7 years old.

This is Takenforaride - fondly known as "TK" he's 3 years old and is just SUCH a sweet heart...I adore him, and so does his groom, you always hear his groom singing to TK in the mornings....really sweet.

This is just a pic of our yard when the club had finished renovating for that big gap you see in front of the stables we've put up a whole bunchof rolling's so important to us that the horses get out and have the sun on their backs without being ridden.

This is Bunny Hugger and Toowoomba, in 2005 in their first race. Toowoomba is the one with the #16 saddle cant see Bunny so well....but I broke them in June-ish 2005...and this pic was taken in December of that year.

~*Hunter_Gurlie*~ 04-30-2007 05:35 PM

there all so nice :D I love Muswatunya - "Muzi" a lot though and you have a nice stable

DesertGal 04-30-2007 06:15 PM

Oh, there so pretty! Thanks for sharing. :) I love watching them run!

Um, how would you like to come to So. Cal, and "finish" my mare? LOL! She loves to buck! Other than that, she is perfect!

Warning, by bucking I mean, vertical twisting, leaping, kicking, arching... The whole bit! :shock: :( :x My arthritic joints are not impressed! :(

Silent Assassin 05-01-2007 06:49 AM

hahaha....DesertGal...if i could i would!!! I'd love nothing better...but do you have any idea how freaking HARD it is to get into the states???? talk about a nightmare....I've been trying for 3 years!!! :x

bolly 05-01-2007 09:59 AM

Your horses look like ... super fit! lol x

KANSAS_TWISTER 05-01-2007 10:07 AM

lol silent... it only took me less then 2 years to get in to the states....although could of bought a race horse with the cash i spent getting have a really nice yard and horses

DesertGal 05-01-2007 02:59 PM


I've been trying for 3 years!!!
3 years! OMG! I knew it was hard, but I wasn't aware it was that bad.

I have huge issues on this topic, but I'm not going to go there.. :evil: I will just say, that the immigration rules etc. are crazy, and need to be re-done so badly!... It seems like only the "bad" people get in easily. :x :(

I think one of the rules shoud be: Anyone who works with horses should get in without any problems! :D If one can deal with crazy horses, one just has to be a pretty good person! :lol: :D

showpony@heart 05-01-2007 08:00 PM

THey are all really nice, i think your yard is really nice too! My fave horse is Carts he has a beautiful kind eye!

Kiki 05-03-2007 12:32 AM

ummmm you named a horse Toowoomba???? I live near that city I mean....

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