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JasmineAndNoddy 04-07-2013 10:33 PM

Splint or Open Front boots
I am thinking about buying some boots for my TB Gelding as he is ever-reaching and hurting his front legs, he does this both on the flat and jumping (he has only jumped around 3 times)
I was just wondering if Open Front jump boots of Splint boots would be the best for him.
I will not be jumping in competition for a long time still so i will not need competition regulation gear.


NaeNae87 04-08-2013 12:26 AM

If he is over reaching then I would look at his feet first.... Are the toes on his hinds too long?

If not, then I would be using over reach boots (bell boots) and open fronts and they offer more protection to the tendons and back of the legs due to the ridgid shell on the outside of the boot.

JasmineAndNoddy 04-09-2013 08:45 PM

His, back toes are fine :)
with the overreach/bell boots, should i get the ones with fleece on top or just the plain rubber??

NaeNae87 04-09-2013 08:51 PM

It's personal preference. Some horses get rubs from plain rubber ones, some don't.
Mine was in plain rubber ones 24/7 and had no problems. :)
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JasmineAndNoddy 04-10-2013 05:44 PM

Thanks :D

Glenknock 04-11-2013 06:24 PM

As nae said tendon boots sound better, and also over reasch boots too if he's clipping himself

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