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Nickers2002 04-08-2013 09:43 AM

Worked on the arena this weekend
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So we're getting a bit done around the new farm now that the weather is breaking. I have been itching to ride, but since we seeded the top field and the sand field was filled with sticks/muck/posts in the ground, I really had no options. So this weekend with the help of my DF, dad, and a neighbor with a tractor - we got to work. I still have a bit of leveling and raking to do, but it's something that I need someone with the proper equipment to come in and do - I tried by hand and it wasn't getting anywhere lol. At least tomorrow I can still get on and ride - just have to watch some spots.

Here is the pulling of the old summer stall posts:

And then some of the dirt was spread to add to the footing:

And the 60' + dividing fence that we put up by hand yesterday. All posts holes were dug by yours truly and I did break down and rent a nail gun lol.

The open spot is just over 11' so the plan is to put in a 12' gate this way there is some overlap on the post since the top of the field will be used as a paddock this summer. You can see what work I still need done - but all in all it'll do for now

I'm sun burnt, sore and am taking aleve like they're tic tacs, but it feels so good to have accomplished something like this by hand.

Feel free to make any suggestions! The cement thing in the middle is an old auto waterer, right now it'll stay as an obstacle but eventually I'll get to knocking it down.

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