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hsharp123 04-30-2007 05:04 PM

Mystery Lameness!!
Hi all!

I have just had the horrendous trip down from birmingham to the other side of gatwick to collect yet another horse in need of a better home! I seem to collect now im up to 6 horses. Two of which are awaiting their lovely new mummys to collect them.

Anyway let me tell you the history of this poor mare 'Tosca'. I saw her advertised on the horse exchange. KWPN papered, dutch warmblood with the most incredible bloodlines going back more than 6generations! She is a BIG 16.1hh with lots about her. Lovely rich bay mare. Advertised for £1995 due to loss of stables and the fact that she had had a vilant allergic reaction to the owners daughter (who she was bought for). She has only been in the country a year, and is as sweet as anything!!!

I have her on trial for a month. However she is currently unsound and has been 'footy' since february constantly and was lame previously back in august 2006 when she came to the owner from a dealer; with what i can only describe as a shoe that had been forgotten about or left to inbed itself into the sole of her foot!!!

Due to this all her lamness has been put down to that foot (with it being the one she is lame on also). And so i spoke with my farrier and with his history of genious when it comes to fixing the unfixable i trust him completely to tell me whats what. However he came out to her today for the first time.....dun dun dun!!!......

Its not foot!!!! He tested the hoof several times in different ways and nothing!! No heat, no digital pulse no bruising or absesses! He then said that she is falling to the outside of her foot (almost dishing) every other stride. He pulled her leg back, then bent it and turned the knee outwards and then inwards at this point she went vertical with huge discomfort and pain. He had now suggested that this must be a muscle injury or shoulder injury of sorts....however the owner has had her flexioned by two different vets on different occasions and she has come through with a pass?!!

Any ideas?? I am trying to persaud the owner to allow me to take her for nerve blocks/x-rays on the insurance (that thank god she has!)


kristy 04-30-2007 10:22 PM

So did the farrier perform a flexion test? If so, I assume she failed? It is highly possible for horses to fail a test and pass another. Some vets can crank their legs to a stressful enough position to make any horse lame, other vets do not. What is her muscular structure like? IE, does she have a larger more visible noticeable muscle mass on one side where she is compensating for pain? Is it her right front? It may be coincidence, but she isn't bearing a lot of weight on this leg in the second picture. I think it's a joint issue. I would highly recommend x-rays. If the hoof test passed and the farrier has examined the feet, I would move onto the shoulder and joint areas.
What was she trained to do? Do you know any of her history?

hsharp123 05-01-2007 04:54 AM

Hi Kristy!

So glad you repied first! Essay for you! Yes she very rarely puts normal weight onto that fore leg (and it is that fore that shes lame on) Why do i take on these horses!! lol

She is rising 7yrs in june. She has only been over here a yr so i am assuming she was backed in holland and done lots of flat work, and then brought over here by a dealer.
My farrier thinks it could be muscle damage between the fore legs on that bad legs side as it would be this that was stretched when that particular flexion was made, she also doesnt agree with her leg being pulled out infront of her, and pulls back sharpish! She stands with her shoulder slightly rotated outwoods, and walks and the outside of her foot. Ian (farrier) also noticed that she is built larger on her lame fores shoulder area than the other.
I gave her a bute last night to see if it helps her discomfort (i was always told if its a joint problem then a corse of bute will bring a horse sound, but if it is muscle damage, tendon, or some bruising then it wont help much at all) So i may give her another and see what happens.
Do you think i should get her nerve blocked before x-rays as her owner is convinced its foot, and i would like to discount that idea once and for all!

The only history i know is that a dealer brought her over. Then her owners x husband brought her for their daughter (apparently he doesnt have a clue about horses) and she came off the box and the duaghter jumped straight on and tried to jump her. The mare is green and so got all upset and went up and over. The daughter is scared of her now! Then the farrier came out and found the shoe inbedded and she was footy afterwards.
Then she came sound and the owner had somebody else come and ride her, in the hope that her daughter would one day fall in love. She then when lame after her next trim and has been lame since august on and off! It is definately not foot, unless its a pedal bone fracture or something? That woudlnt explain the discomfort in her leg being pulled forward thought?

elz x

DesertGal 05-01-2007 02:38 PM

I can't help with why she is lame, but she sure is a beautiful girl!

Wishing you lots and lots of good luck with her. I sure hope you find the problem, and it is very fixable! :)

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