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Sullivan17 11-05-2008 06:46 PM

How did you train your little ones for halter?
I have a yearling that i would love to take to a couple shows in spring for halter and such. :D

but im not exactly sure how to train her to be a good halter horse, she can be.. a little stinker at times, but arent most babys? lol

I'm also having a little trouble getting her to Trot with me.. she does amazing but once shes haltered. she becomes quite lazy lol

Any advice, information would be wonderful!

Midwest Paint 11-05-2008 09:38 PM

Sounds like all she is missing is the drive gear! LOL! If you have her well broke for haltering and leading, then its a matter of practicing and encouraging them to drive. Theres tons of ways to get them to get that forward gear on line going.

One soft technique I use for babies to move out on command under lead, is while practicing leading and its time to step out and up a speed, I will carry a short crop in my opposite had of lead. Subtle and rythmatic verbal cues followed by soft tapping of the crop on their hind quarters. Of course the crop will be held rearward for that tap. They dont expect something to touch them on their hind quarters because all they see is you on lead and ahead. That sudden touch (literally) will startle them and move them forward at a faster pace. Always follow with praise! Practice this enough times and they will get it!

Make sure to work on the feet being picked up. Very improtant along with mouth being messed with and ears being messed with. Touch the udder area as well. It will help with desensatization. Those are sensative areas to babies!

aappyfan1 11-05-2008 09:44 PM

I found that using a soft cotton rope, around thier little butt helps to get them moving. Usually only have to use it a few times... Hope you have fun and enjoy as those little babies grow up oh so quickly.

MistyAcres 11-12-2008 05:21 PM

I used a cotton lead to train my weanling filly this year for halter classes. This is how I trained her to trot in hand...
From a walk, I would lean forward and click.
If she did not trot off, I would gently swing the end of my rope around with my left hand so that it just touches her hip.
Once she trotted, we would stop and she would get praised.
I cannot stress the praising part enough. Every little achievement and good attempt should be praised.

My little one had this down in 15 minutes.

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