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prbygenny 11-06-2008 04:04 AM

Rain sheets, do they stop hair growth?
So I put a rain sheet on my horse for the 1st time. It was on for 3 days because it went from 70 degrees to 35 degrees, raining for 8-10 hours each day with a windchill. Then it turned nice again so I took it off.It was 70 degrees, now it has been really nice for a week,now the weather has only been going down in small increments. (ex. Mond. 73, Tues 65, Wens 58 with lite sprinkles. Now on Thurs. we are suppose to get lite rain on and off and temp's at 55 degrees.
My horses background: he was on pasture board for the last 2 years but always had access to a shelter and free choice hay.
We have moved as of Sept. 20th, lost a little weight (that is why I put him in the rain sheet , he was shivering)And does not get access to the shelter when the bigger guys are in there.
So now I put him on some calorie builder to get a little more weight for winter(I live in Minnesota) It is starting to get colder now more gradually then 2 weeks ago and I am wondering if since I put him in the rainsheet if I have to blanket him the rest of the year?
He is not getting the same hay or feed he was getting at my old barn, and the terrain is much more of a workout then he is use to.( lots of hills)
I really just want to know if you need to blanket a horse after you have just put a rain sheet on him for 3 days,once he is gaining some weight and a little more winter hair or if once you have put something on them if it stops some hair growth?
Sorry so long, I am very new to this part of horses.

ohmyitschelle 11-06-2008 04:09 AM

If you have only used the rain sheet for three days, I don't think you need to have him rugged all winter... however, if he is unable to get shelter from the bad weather, and is not getting as much hay etc as he was, I would be inclined to rug... to keep him warm. My guys are outside 24/7 and I always rug over winter... infact I'm known to double rug :P However I live in a different country than yourself and am not accustomed to your weather, so I would not really know what to suggest.
I wish you all the best!

prbygenny 11-06-2008 04:23 AM

Thank you Ohmy I appreciate your input. It gets down to -45 here but at my old barn he was always so thick and warm and he was higher in the pecking order so I knew he was getting in the shelter. I do have a heavy winter rug that I bought just incase but if I don'e have to buy another blanket(mid weight) It would help my budget so much!!!!
Thank you again so much!

ohmyitschelle 11-06-2008 06:11 PM

If he's not used to being rugged over winter, then I think you should be fine to start chucking the heavy weight on him when the weather starts to turn bad. Just remember that once you've put on the rug, that if you suddenly take it off after the bad weather is gone, but it's still quite cold, that he may need a little time to adjust to it not being on. The heat that is produced from heavy weighted rugs does offer great protection from the cold, but for a horse that is not rugged a lot, then it is hard on them to lose that heat.... if I were you, and only wanted to have the one rug on him, I'd leave him in the rainsheet until the colder part of winter arrives, and then leave him solidly in that rug, and then put the rainsheet back on when you're out of the colder part again.

You're lucky you don't own big wimps like I do... my mate had my gelding on her property when I first bought him and she rugged him a lot... now, even in slight wind he's a big pansy and likes to be in his rugs... because he's gonna be my show horse, it's just easier to give him what he wants and have him rugged most days lol.

prbygenny 11-06-2008 11:43 PM

Thanks again so much, I do think that is what I am going to do. Keep rain sheet on him till it is so cold he needs the heavy. I also have a quarter sheet to use when I am riding so he doesn't get to cold in the arena.(it's indoors but not heated.)
thanks again!! Good luck with your show boy!! I am sure he just believes he should be pampered!! lol

hotreddun 11-07-2008 01:02 PM

As far as I know...the main aspect of hair growth is light...not temperature. So if you want a horse to stay super slick...he has to be under a heat lamp. Those don't provide much heat but they do keep it lit up all night.

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