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evilamc 04-08-2013 06:02 PM

7 yr old quarter horse
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Sooo finally was able to take better pics after my fail last time of taking too long to groom him LOL Sorry hes wet! Took them after riding and he got hosed off some haha, its finally nice out!! Hes a 7 yr old bay roan quarter horse. He has the biggest head ever I swear.

Last pic isn't the best but I think he just looks adorable.

I know his toes are still a little long, when I got him they were terrible and super underrun heel. We've been working hard at it to get them backed up but to not take off too much at a time so he doesnt get sore :( I've had him since September, and we decided to go the barefoot route in December. I do always ride him in boots though to keep him more comfy. He's so funny and spoiled now, if he doesnt have them on he acts like he can't move 5 feet in this one gravely spot (he does it fine if I'm not trying to lead him through...he just wants his boots on lol)

toto 04-08-2013 06:11 PM

Ooooooo-- I like him!! Straight legs, short back, big hindquarters, his neck is kinda thick and a tad bit long-- looks butt high in the first two pictures but not the last-- love his 'big head' adorable!!

I also like the face hes makin in the last pic.. lol.

evilamc 04-08-2013 06:33 PM

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Yeah I think when I had him back a few steps after taking the picture that I posted last, to get him more square for the first pictures I accidently got him on a little unlevel spot :( I was having a hard time finding the most level spot in our sacrifice area LOL

Yeah I have a series of pics of him like slowly falling asleep while I was trying to get these, hes such a goof.

toto 04-08-2013 06:39 PM

I can definitely see that. He looks more level in the last picture. :)

Haha! Looks like (if he could talk) hed say 'merp' lol. :-P

stevenson 04-08-2013 06:41 PM

Cute horse. Looks like he may toe out a tad. nothing major. Looks like a nice working horse.
get him fat , then his head wont look so big. (hee heehee)

OliviaMyee 04-09-2013 01:06 AM

Ok Here i go i read the sticky on horse conformation, so this critique will be even more in-depth than i have ever done before ill try and be the most accurate i can and with the good photos you have i will be more accurate.

OliviaMyee 04-09-2013 02:22 AM

Olivia's conformational critique of the QH:

Head & Neck:
. Head is a bit big im not sure how that would effect the horse
. Eye is a bit small but not "Pig eyed" horse could also be squinting
. Ears are proportional to the head
. Nostrils are a decent size for respiration
. An ok throttle connection with a slight arch but a bit thick
. Neck is a good length
. Neck lacks a top side arch and a bottom side arch
. Neck attaches well onto the chest
. Neck is long

. Divides into equal thirds but the shoulder & breast is not muscled enough so if the shoulder/chest/breast develops more muscle than it will be equal
. The Body forms a square and the horse appears to be balanced in the photos
. Croup is higher than the wither by a small amount
. Horse will be harder to get of the forehand when being ridden
. Ribs do not look well sprung
. Wither is a good shape and length
. Croup is more on the steeper side but not to steep, with more muscle his bum should look more rounded
. Wither blends smoothly into the back
. Good length of a loin (More the loin is long and deep the stronger the back)
. Ribcage length is longer than the length of the back so this allows for a strong back and loins !

. Shoulder angle is a good one and
. Fore arm is to long for the scapula (Humerus length should be 50-60% of the scapular)
. Shoulder is to long for the body (shoulder length should be less than 1/3 rd of the body
. There is ample bone for the body (Enough bone for strength)

. Front leg pasterns angle does not match the shoulder angle
. Front legs are back at the knee
. Front pasterns are more sloping than the shoulder angle
. Back pasterns are more of an upright angle which is what you expect in all horses the back pasterns are a higher degree of an angle
. Front cannons are short which makes the legs short
. All pasterns are a good length
. Forearm is a decent length but it doesn't have enough muscle
. Back legs are decently straight
. I can not tell if the horse is tied in at the knee because of the feathering of his feet in the photo
. Hooves are more on the smaller side
. From the front view of the legs there is a slight toe out from the pasterns
. From a view of the horses behind the back legs have set hocks but the right leg has more of a toe out from the pastern because the angle of the hock doesn't match the angle of the pastern, this will create more strain so the leg on the left is a set hock but the leg on the right is a cow hock

. Back is a very good length

Hind End:
. The Length of the illium is not less than 1/3rd of the body so the longer the illium ( hip length ) The better but only if it is equal to the Stifle length and the Pelvis length
. Stifle length is not equal to the length of the hip because the stifle length is shorter
. The Pelvis length is more similar to the Hip length than the Stifle length

Toed out creates a movement called "Winging in" but your horse wont have it that sever in the front legs or the back legs

tinyliny 04-09-2013 02:48 AM

nice looking , typey QH. HIs hip is just gorgeous; long and nicely sloped with excellent coupling, short canons. What a nice horse!

(My critique is a shadow of Olivia's! she really put her heart and soul into it.)

OliviaMyee 04-09-2013 03:02 AM


Originally Posted by tinyliny (Post 2174058)
nice looking , typey QH. HIs hip is just gorgeous; long and nicely sloped with excellent coupling, short canons. What a nice horse!

(My critique is a shadow of Olivia's! she really put her heart and soul into it.)

I agree with tinyliny really nice looking horse overall, thanks tinyliny i am obsessed with conformation and im trying to learn everything about it and to develop an "eye" for the conformational stuff.

evilamc 04-09-2013 07:44 AM

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Wow thanks for such an in depth critique!! Glad its mostly good! What are some good exercises to help muscle his forearms? I've been doing a lot of work on his hind end, you'd probably squirm if you saw how it was when I bought him! Still have some work to do though, I wish I had more hills right by my barn :( I mostly do lots of transistion work right now.

I should get a video of his movement, he actually doesnt wing out at all, he has beautiful gaits. As long as I put his easyboots on he moves great, my trainer has always been really impressed with him.

So nice to hear that my guy looks good though :) I got him super cheap because he was a bucker since he was out of work for so long, and I've done a lot of work to get him here!

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