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HighonEquine 04-09-2013 11:54 AM

Sufficient Vitamins/Minerals
I have a very easy keeper. Right now he is getting about a pound of Gro' and Win by Buckeye (its a ration balancer) once a day, a small hole hay net full of brome/native grass hay twice a day (I don't know the exact weight) and he has access to a salt block and the red mineral block.

He is 17, and at this moment in time is not being worked heavily. He also is not turned out on pasture at the moment. He has a decent sized turn-out though.

I want to know if this diet is providing sufficient vitamins and minerals. I may talk to the BO and see if they would be willing to test the hay. The only problem is.. we have hay from several different areas. It isn't all the same..

loosie 04-09-2013 09:17 PM

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Have you got onto ?? Yes, testing hay would be most accurate but I appreciate it may not be practical, especially if small quantities of different types are used. So I'd see if you can chase up any local organisations that have tested theirs, &/or know the local soil types/grass types to get a reasonable idea of what is in it.

While 1lb per day isn't huge at all, it would be best to feed that much over a couple of meals a day, and speaking for my own easykeepers that quantity would not be insubstantial. If you want a pelleted 'ration balancer' for an easykeeper, I'd personally be looking for one that's very low dose - eg. SmartPak or KER products are under 100g per day.... also after FeedXL, I found less than what is recommended on the lable is almost invariably needed. Eg. for my approx 450kg horse, he needed only 70g(2 single handfuls) per day of the KER Gold, 'top dressed' with a small splash of liquid seaweed emulsion because iodine was still a little low.

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