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Charley horse 04-10-2013 09:31 PM

Gain weight, loose weight or is fine?
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What do you think of my Charley does he need to gain more or loose???
Ive been working and feeding to put weight on Ive had him since last August so 8 months now! Yippee!!
He started out at 945lbs for a 16.3hh 4yr old gelding to now measured w/a tape weighing in at 1135lbs...I always just thought in my head he would look great at 1200 but now I am not so sure what do you think???
He is going to get some riding time in this spring and summer he is still a new to me family member and hasnt been ridden much I mainly been doing ground work w/him. Oh and almost forgot to mention he's a Appaloosa pure for the breed.

Charley horse 04-10-2013 09:45 PM

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Here are some more shots of him..He gets fed:

1flake alfalfa
1lbs alfalfa cubes soaked*
1lb rice bran

1flake alalfa
1lb alfalfa cubes soaked*
1lb soaked beet pulp
1lb rice bran

I want to switch his feedings to

5lbs soaked alfalfa cubes
1lb rice bran

1flake alfalfa
1lb beet pulp soaked*
1lb rice bran
The reason for the switching up is because he dont eat his whole flake of hay in the mornings...
He has a turnout time to a lush PASTURE as you can see for four hrs during the week...And longer out pasture time on the weekends - the whole day after feedings..

Any input is greatly appreciated and I will take advice into consideration for sure, please tell me if I am feeding him TOO much!!!
Or to little..
Now that the weather is nice he will be doing ground work five days a week for 2hrs (thereabouts) And light riding I am talking leisure...because we are getting to know each other still.

smrobs 04-10-2013 10:17 PM

It's difficult to judge a horse's weight just by pictures unless they are obviously skinny or obese.

Truthfully, he looks great to me. He's healthy and full, but not pudgy.

Can you feel his ribs without too much trouble? You should be able to and if you can't he might need to lose a touch, but IMHO, with no heavier than he is, that could likely be accomplished through exercise instead of diet.

Charley horse 04-10-2013 10:24 PM

If I had to score him I would guess a 3 on the scale???
I want him more plump..
smrobs I cant palpate his ribs...There is a lot of fat there. I can barely make them out. I hope he gets more muscle this summer from riding :))

ponypile 04-10-2013 10:43 PM

If you can't feel his ribs without feeling like you're digging around for them, he's over weight. He's not obese, but he's about a 6 on the scale. You can tell by the fact that you can't easily feel his ribs, the pocked of fat between his shoulder and barrel, the fat pockets along side the top of his tail, the indent along his spine on his rump, and how his butt cheeks are well filled out. You don't want him any chubbier than this. Ideally he would have a little less fat, and much more muscle. But I think you might be using a different scale than I'm used to, this is the one I use.
Horse Health Care: Correct Horse Weight by Cherry Hill

I'd cut back on the mashes, and replace the alfalfa with a grass hay, unless he goes into heavy work. He's getting a lot of groceries right now.

Charley horse 04-10-2013 11:02 PM

ponypile your right I went of a different scale..Your right with yours he is about a 6..Google Image Result for
That's okay if he's a bit chubby because he is fixing to have to start working out here real soon..And thats good I dont want him to get skinny..
I kinda thought he was getting a lot of groceries right now :))
I'll change it up for him this next week I have to go buy for the month..
Eawww grass hay here is 20.00 a bale! If I could feed him the cubes morning I would give him a flake of grass in the evenings - to stretch it out more for my $$ I could cut the rice bran down to 1lb daily instead of 2 and play w/that.Also cut out the pulp totally for the summer..I'll think about it ponypile and see what I come up with next wk..
TY for your input, maybe now his groc bill will go down a tad for me :))

5lbs soaked alfalfa cubes
1lb rice bran

1Flake grass hay
1lb pulp

That's an idea..

deserthorsewoman 04-10-2013 11:10 PM

He's looking good and will turn the little excess into muscle when he starts serious work.
5 lbs of soaked alfalfa is A LOT. I have my doubts he'll eat that instead of his flake of alfalfa. In fact, I'd feed him the previous morning ration without the flake of alfalfa, and give him 2 flakes of alfalfa plus his normal ration for the night.
With good grass he might not even need as much ricebran either.
What I would add is a ration balancer or a vitamin/mineral supplement. And a salt lick. Or loose salt( better).
Don't know if you can get it, but an alfalfa- grass mix for hay would be even better.

Charley horse 04-10-2013 11:33 PM

Desert you found my thread :))
Yay, I hope he does gain muscle when I start working him out. He needs it in his neck and chest areas..
Your saying just the cubes 1lb and the rice bran in the mornings???
I say the 5lbs of cubes because that is what he was being fed before I got him she had him on 5lbs of cubes morning and night with the pulp and rice bran...OMG she was feeding him 4lbs a rice bran a DAY!
He does have a mineral block and there are salt licks out on the property..Speaking of I should get some more/she bought the last ones its my turn now. I am sure the hay company here has the grass mix..The grass hay dont stay around long, it ran out last season early :/
But yea he was getting all that food...He was use to it and if you missed something or forgot something he knew it and would stare you down till you remembered to give him what he was missing lol!!!
(((( Hey - Hey you!!! You forgot something that goes here in this BUCKET!! ))))

deserthorsewoman 04-11-2013 12:15 AM

Hmm....just thought about this feed I just found....Horse, cattle, goat, sheep, mule, rabbit pellet feed | Elk Grove Milling | Stable Mix | custom pelleting (888) 346-7649 ...the stable mix. That might be something to consider. They sell 250 lb barrels for ~50$. It's grain free, and can be fed as roughage or normal feed. Look into it. I'll try it once hubby comes home.

Muppetgirl 04-11-2013 12:18 AM

I always find that the flank is a good indicator of condition on a healthy horse that is 'mid' scale.......if he has no flank dip then he needs some exercise:wink:

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