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SonnyWimps 11-09-2008 10:32 PM

Why anti-Parelli now?
I am not looking for you're views on Parelli, nor do I wish to read them....but why do some of you seem so anti-Parelli. I mean yes I know it's not everyone's cup of tea....nor am I trying to force it onto you (and apologies if it seems that way, but I am not)...but why bash it and be totally rude about it?
People ask questions and I'm just telling stuff that has worked for my horse....yes, that does NOT mean it will work for any horse, but it worked for mine so I give the option. I have tried 99% of the suggested stuff I get (not so much anymore...but I definately used to) whether I thought it would work or not. I tried side-reins for building a topline and many other things that I didn't particually like or agree with, I found out for myself if they truely did any good.
There are many ways to teach a horse to do something...just like there are many ways to walk or waht why not suggest all of the "hows" to get something achieved. The question-asker can then use her BS-eliminator and choose which ones she/he wants to try

If you would all perfer, I'll stop all my NH posts unless the topic CLEARLY states that they want info on NH or Parelli...I'll only post for critiques, pictures, videos, in Horse Talk, and Off Topic so I'll be in no situation to suggest it: if you all would perfer not to read my Parelli posts. But honestly I am 100% sick of some of the members rude comments. I defiantely don't want to leave, but really some of the anti-Parelli comments are making me dislike posting on this forum.

So, would you all rather me stop posting Parelli stuff unless a post actually ASKS about it? And just post in pictures, critiques, health, tack, horse talk, off-topic and such like that?

Supermane 11-09-2008 11:12 PM

I am personally not a fan of Parelli, but I don't think that you should stop posting. People have different opinions on what they think is right for them and their horses and it's up to them to decide which methods to try and which one to ignore. However I don't see a problem with other refuting the training methods and offering what they believe is a better method.

Spyder 11-10-2008 12:31 AM


Originally Posted by Supermane (Post 184668)
I am personally not a fan of Parelli, but I don't think that you should stop posting. People have different opinions on what they think is right for them and their horses and it's up to them to decide which methods to try and which one to ignore. However I don't see a problem with other refuting the training methods and offering what they believe is a better method.

I agree.....nothing wrong with making comments on areas you have EXPERIENCE in and if you don't understand another method it is sometimes best to say nothing. There are ways of saying you don't think another method is not your cup of tea and we need to remind ourselves that it should not end up having negative overtones.

We must also be aware that those that post here are many times unknown to you and may in fact know something about the topic so assumptions should not be made that they either don't or could not possibily know or give a reasonable answer.

JustDressageIt 11-10-2008 02:20 AM

Why am I anti-Parelli? I'm going to be very blunt. It is NOT directed to any members of this forum, but a statement in general.

It seems that his method has become a cult - you're either in or you're out. If you're out you get looked down upon.
I find stuff like the whole "horsenalities" thing rediculous. Just like people you can't categorize horses into 4 categories and go in and fix things just "so." And the bits he "designed" for each horsenality? Expensive as all get out, and I'm willing to bet don't work on each horse that is in that "category."
I find him to be a money-making machine that doesn't care who he steps on.
The "followers" I find try to push their views on everyone around them even if they aren't asked. I find they are not open to suggestions from more erm.. traditional methods?
The program is delivered in such a way that any person feels they can do it with any horse, which is not the case. I have seen some pretty messed up horses resulting. A lot of the horses seem bored as well.

Of course it's always good to take what you can, but being strictly Parelli doesn't make you a well-rounded horseperson. I find that learning as many methods as humanly possible and making your own method for each horse is the best.

Wow I'm tired, did any of that make sense? Questions? I'll be back tomorrow :)

moomoo 11-10-2008 03:54 AM

JDI took the words out of my mouth :lol:

Nobody should stop you posting what you think and we certainly wouldn't want you to leave :) There is also confilct between different non nh training methods, so the poster just decides which would better on their horse, since they know their horse best :)

iridehorses 11-10-2008 08:14 AM

I find it interesting that no other clinician brings about such heated debates (except Monte Roberts - but that has more to do with his book then his methods). To paraphrase JDI, you either love him or hate him. I do agree that some of the equipment he sells is ridiculous in price and function although some of his methods are sound.

Vidaloco 11-10-2008 08:20 AM

I think if there is fault to be placed it should be on Linda not so much Pat. Linda is a business woman and its obvious she is in it for the money. I think Pat is still a great horseman and as iridehorses said, his methods are sound.
The method has just gotten muddied by the hype and paraphernalia.

SonnyWimps 11-10-2008 08:35 AM

Spyder, I do only post for stuff that I have had experience with with my horse or have literally seen work with a friend's horse. I'm not going to suggest something that I haven't heard any feedback on, just like I'm not going to suggest a specific grain for a sick horse....because I know nothing on that topic.

It just seems like the last few times I've posted something on my views...something that has worked for me, that I get some jumping on my back and a whole arguement starting.

Yes I definately do not have a problem with people saying "You could do this also" and refuting the idea....but to literally go and bash my suggestion down because you don't believe it will work or don't like the concept. (You not meaning you Supermane or anything in particual)

Spyder, I have never once given an assumption on something that I'm not too sure about horse training wise. If I suggest something that I've never tried or I've heard worked but never tried it (normally in the health section), I will definately imform the person that "I've heard" or "I've never tried this but...".

Yes, some prices are high....but are you looking at the price if a non-member buys it or a savvy club member? Yes things are expensive...but what isn't these days? I mean dog food went up $4 in the last week. I think things are fairly maked prices...maybe a tad bit high, but it is quality stuff...not cheap made materials that are going to break.

Yes, definately with Parelli, you either love it or hate it. And sadly it's soooo easy to mess up on it so half of the videos you see on youtube, the people are not doing it properly, so the horse looks bored, uninterested, and like he wants to die. It's not supposed to be boring to a horse, and if done properly I've never seen a horse bored from it. I think that's how some of the bad rep. came about is because, yes, in ALOT of videos for the 7 Games...the horses look bored...but we don't know the history of the horse, how much that person worked that horse over and over again to get it right for the camera. Every method has pros and cons, I just never understood why of all, Parelli is the most picked on.

farmpony84 11-10-2008 09:05 AM

I'm a little late joining this discussion but...

The Parelli program has taken methods that to me are pretty common and they've given them steps and called them games. I think part of why I havent really been impressed is that I've seen things and thought, well I do that and ... everyone does that...

My concerns are that alot of people that are Parelli followers and I do not use the word follower lightly, I feel like it's a "cult" might be a strong word but it's all I can come up with... Anyway, the people will tell you that you are having problems with your horse because he's not happy, because you are scaring him, or you are hurting him... I love my horse, he's not afraid of me and I'm not hurting him... I kind of take offense to those statements because I feel like they are telling me I don't know what I'm doing or I'm doing it wrong... which leads me into the idea that there is only one right way to do things....

I have a friend that was a really strong rider back in the day, and she's never taken a break, she was heavy into dressage and was really really good. She came back here to the US (we were in Germany together-our parents were military) and she bought a horse and got into the Parelli program. I also got a horse and I remember she downed me all the time about how I did things... I feel like I have continued to improve and learn where she to me, has gone backwards. Her horses were always very collected and on the bit where now they are strung out and ... I don't know but she's got the certifications...

I think i'm rambling now. Sorry...

My main thing is the idea that there is only one right way to do things that bothers me most.

I hope I didn't offend anyone...

Kiara 11-10-2008 09:30 AM

Ok, so I am new to all those different ways of riding and horse-handling. I just used to ride lessons and had no idea about Parelli, Andersson and all the like. And honestly, I like learning about different ideas and ways. That doens't mean I agree with each and every one or that I like everything they do. Maybe I just like one part from one person and another part from another person. And that is my right. I can look into all different styles and ways and then create my own. That might be 60-90% Parelli or it might be 60-90% not-Parelli. Does it affect somebody else? No. Unless I abuse my horse does it really matter what I call my style? I don't think so. I think everybody should go out and find out about different styles. You never know, you can always learn something new, whether you like the rest of it or not. Maybe you just like 1%of what someone is doing, but you have found something you like.

That is one reason why I believe that no one should be bashed for explaining a style. They just offer you information and what worked for them. Does that mean you have to do it? No. Does it mean you have to agree with it? No. All it is is a person offering an option that has worked for them and maybe work for you. YOU can then take bits and pieces or even whole things that you liked and apply them and see what works in YOUR situation. So unless someone is really being rude and straight out saying "You do it my way or you're stupid/doing it wrong..." (which I have never seen Sonny do!) there is really no reason to be rude to a person if all they offer is some advice. After all, somebody asked for advice and they will get different answers. And that is GREAT! The more different advice you get the more options of figuring out what will work for you!

If you happen to really dislike something, you can voice it by saying: "I personally would do it this way... I have found this works better for me." Or something along those lines. You can say that the other style hasn't worked for you, but don't discredit it. Even if one style is in your opinion about money making, there is still an underlying theory to it and you can just stick with that and avoid the parts you dislike. Basically, make it positive not negative: just give another option of doing things if you disagree with an advice that's been given.

So Sonny, *hugs* don't let anybody get you down. Some people mistakenly let their frustration about Parelli or whatever comes with him out on you, which is uncalled for. Just keep offering advice. There is nothing wrong with that! On the contrary.

Ok, I'm done :D

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