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shermanismybaby3006 11-09-2008 10:55 PM

Which riding style do you ride english or western???
What do you ride english or western????

If you wanna you can reply with what type of dicipline you do.
ex. western pleasure, dressage etc.

sempre_cantando 11-10-2008 06:29 AM

I ride english pleasure mainly. Plus I do some mounted games :-D fun fun fun!

Joshie 11-10-2008 10:05 AM

Western. In time I'd also like to teach Joshie to use a cart.

bway1341 11-10-2008 07:15 PM

I pick both we do everything HUS,Jumping,Halter,Roping,Western Pleasure, trail riding, Probably More that I am forgetting

TaMMa89 11-11-2008 04:22 AM


Caboose 11-11-2008 01:59 PM

I'm just learning, but I'm learning English in a community dominated by western.

It's awkward going to school and talking to other students about horsemanship, when they all do barrel racing and trail riding. I really like doing English though so far, I'm hoping to learn Western someday.

TwendeHaraka 11-11-2008 07:20 PM

My horse is an English horse, but I help train Western horses.

sparky 11-12-2008 02:16 AM

I'm an English girl :wink: Love jumping, but I am focussing more on dressage recently.

Saddlebred girl 11-12-2008 04:56 AM

I ride english and saddleseat equitation

PoptartShop 11-12-2008 06:03 AM

I ride English & do hunter jumping. :D

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