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dbarabians 04-12-2013 12:33 AM

I got sprayed by a skunk
last nght about 4-5 am I was going back to sleep after checking on the pregnant mares. I was just about to drift off when I smelled a skunk that had just sprayed something under my house.
At 9 kctop and her husband came to trim horses. the smell was faint but still there. They left at 11am and as I was going back inside the skunk smell was overpowering.
I walked around the house and did not see any signs of animals
Went to the feed store while driving there smelled a slight skunk smell. As I was paying for the feed I noticed it again. Now I was concerned and when I got home started taking off pieces of clothing and smelling them.
It was on my shoes.
I then went outside and rode for an hour or more. After putting the horse away i noticed the skunk smell was very strong again.
I have a wooden deck that surrounds half of this house.
I knew the little peppy le pew wanna be was somewhere close but the continual spraying was worrying me.
I noticed he was next to the front steps and ramp laying out in the sun at 3pm panting very hard.
he heard me and then started staggering. I noticed it was scruffy and could not walk straight.
I called animal control they said they would be there in an hour.
Meanwhile smellie nellie started to move around and went under the porch'
i could not see it but about 20 minutes later he came out by the parked car.
I was not going to lose this odor bearing pest so istarted stomoing he started coming after me. i grabbed a milk crate and placed it over him.
the little SOB then proceeded toclimb through the thing I kicked it in the head and he still tried coming on. He was too weak to slip through. He did after about 5 minutes
I grabbed a plastic trash can and as i was walking toward it the odorous beast turned his tail to me and slapped me with some stink. Below my knees the smell could gag a maggot.
I decided i was already pretty rank so I went for it as he crawled toward the garage I scooped him up with the 50 gallon trash can.
Then animal control drove up and asked me what the problem was.
I said cant you smell it... the skunk was very unkempt and had matted hair and missing claws.
They gave it a shot and it was good bye Smelly .
he was showing some signs a rabid skunk might have. I then went into the house and grabbed a jug of vinegar took it in the shower and poured it over my pants and shoes.
i smell like a pickle.
We should know in 5-10 days if it is rabid.
not worried about anything but the feral cats and if they start acting funny i will pop a cap in them.
i didnt want to shoot the skunk so close to the house but after it sprayed me I did not want to lose sight of it and go get the gun. Shalom

Phly 04-12-2013 12:43 AM

I had one getting into my trash, infinite wisdom of mine thought shooting it one night was perfectly logical. Needlessly to say, I feel your stank. I suffered through it so I'm of lil help of a remedy. But I've been there and it's rough.
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tinyliny 04-12-2013 12:48 AM

Ok, pardon my urban ignorance, but is shooting them a mistake? don't they die faster than they can spray?

Good thing it didn't bite you! is it now a bath in tomato juice for you?

dbarabians 04-12-2013 01:00 AM

Vinegar or even pickle juice will dilute the smell and they will not stain your clothes like tomato juice. Vinegar has the same acids the break down the smell.
Skunks have scent glands if you shoot one and hit a gland then you release the stink. That why when they get hit by cars the smell is there and powerful.
That smell will last for days and remain on your grass, rocks, shrubs for days.
I have a 357 and a 38 so it would have made a big hole in the skunk.
beside you need to have as much of the head for testing.
If you suspect one is rabid and it dies before you get it to the vet or its over the weekend put peppy in the freezer to keep him from decomposing. Shalom

Phly 04-12-2013 01:04 AM

I put a .22lr round straight in the head. Dropped dead instantly. Yes, shooting them is a bad idea. Skunk traps are easy to build and prevent spraying. I know this now. I didn't then. Life lessons can stink
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tinyliny 04-12-2013 01:06 AM

AND, don't tell your significant other of the tasty little morsel you've put in the 'fridge. Could make for some real kitchen fun!.

Muppetgirl 04-12-2013 01:07 AM

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WSArabians 04-12-2013 02:37 AM

Aside from the whole you coulda been bitten by a rabid skunk scenario, I laughed my a$$ off.
I will forever picture you chasing a skunk around with a trash can. :lol: :lol:

Delfina 04-12-2013 02:54 AM

I'm very happy to know I am not the only person this sort of thing happens to.

SouthernTrails 04-12-2013 05:41 AM


Originally Posted by dbarabians (Post 2203657)
I have a 357 and a 38 so it would have made a big hole in the skunk.
beside you need to have as much of the head for testing.

See DB, all the more reason for an AR-15, you can take out that Skunk at 200 yards and not worry about the smell

PS, hope you smell better soon :wink:


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