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3nViixx 04-12-2013 04:32 AM

Getting the horse to stay on the track of the school
So, here's my problem; My mare struggles to keep on most of the track, she's fine mostly on the straight, but when approaching the A and C end of the school she cuts the corners and doesn't stay on the track.

This is what iv'e done for a while but has not worked;
Iv'e practiced bending around cones to help loosen her up.
Iv'e walked her around the areas she has struggles with, keeping on the track and speeding up once she manages it.
Iv'e used my legs to help bend her around the corners.
She has no back troubles.

Thanks! :)

faye 04-12-2013 04:48 AM

Bending round corners is hard for horses and YOU have to ride the corner correctly to get her to do it.
For me on my youngster this means half halting before the corner, bending him round my inside leg and pushing him into my outside rien (use the outside rein to ensure that they dont fall out through thier shoulder) outside leg controls the amount of bend you have and stops the horses quarters swinging out. This is all done in fractions of a second however is absolutly nessecary to balance your horse.

You must RIDE the corner not let a horse meander round it. Asking with the inside rein is a fault and normaly results in the horse falling in through the corner.

Cherie 04-12-2013 09:26 AM

Practice 'leg yielding' exercises on the strait sides. I like to teach doing a 'half circle and leg yield back to the rail'. Keeping a horse parallel to the rail as you leg yield toward it is a must. Make it a goal to ride (actually drive) your horse deep into every corner. Use only enough inside rein so that you can barely see the corner of the horse's inside eye.

Once you have gotten the leg yielding working decently, you can go into an open area and start working on circles, 'spiraling' outward from a small circle to successively larger and larger circles maintaining good form (head position to the inside and hip tracking right behind front tracks). Then, start working on medium size circles with a 'counter bend'. Working on all of these exercises not only develops a horse's balance and athletic ability, it is how you get a horse to 'stay between your legs and your reins' and develops obedience to your leg and rein aids.

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