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mysnafflebit 11-11-2008 04:36 PM

Stable on your own property
Does anyone here have a stable on their own property instead of having to board their horse? If so, how do you manage it and do other people board their horses there? I was thinking about having my own stable, but I know it is a lot of work so I would like to get some information/stories from other people who have experience with this.

xoHorsesAreMyLifexo 11-11-2008 05:00 PM

Hi! I don't have a stable on my own land, but my best friend does and I've know her for 8 years. I practically live at her house. Yes, they do have other people boarding there but only in the summer because they don't have an indoor. They usually board their horses at the place I ride at when the ground freezes. Having a stable in your back yard is great. Its a lot of hard work but my friend and her parents and sometimes brothers all chip in. They muck their stalls every other day after they ride while the horses are out and on the days they don't completely muck it out they just pick it out. My best friend and I completely dust, sweep, and organize the barn once or twice every two weeks. When they go on vacations they have somebody look after them, but it is something you have to commit to because you cant go so far for so long. I hope I answered you question!

farmpony84 11-11-2008 06:15 PM

I have a six stall barn on my land. I get up at 5am run down to the barn and feed and throw hay (I feed in my stalls to keep fighting to a minimal) then I go up to the house, shower and dress, get my 5 year old dressed and run down to the barn to let the horses out, then I go to work...

When I get home I ride and then I clean stalls and feed, turn them back out... and go for another day...

I pick up bags of feed at the local feed store and I buy round bales that I keep inside my barn. I peel the hay to feed, it's cheaper then square bales, although, in a perfect world I would feed square because it's so much easier. I used to go to the local saw mill to get sawdust for $20 a truck load but they've stopped doing that so I have to buy bags of pine shavings at tractor supply or the feed store...

It's really not that bad unless you have a sick one or an injury and then it becomes very time consuming....

mysnafflebit 11-11-2008 07:24 PM

Farmpony84, did you build the barn yourself and are all six stalls filled? Do you happen to have any pictures of it? It sounds like a pretty busy life! It must be difficult to wake up so early and take care of a child while you have horses!

NorthernMama 11-11-2008 10:16 PM

I have a barn, not a stable... very easy keeping. My horses are easy keepers too... once a day they get their supper, 2 - 3 bales of hay, mucked out and that's it, unless I have some extra time. I don't have stalls -- used to, but found it to be more work and I don't have a need for them. So I tore down the walls and it's just open barn space for them now -- they go in and out as they please. No one else here. I wouldn't want the responsibility or the discussions that are part of boarding someone's horse.

farmpony84 11-12-2008 09:51 AM

all six stalls are filled. Three are mine and three are my moms... But I am the only one that rides, she buys them becuase they are "pretty"...

I have 2 paddocks, a round pen, an imcomplete riding arena and a pasture....

QtrHorse 11-12-2008 12:57 PM

I have 10 boxes. 2 are mine, the rest boarders. It is really hard work. I offer complete services and so at the end of the day you really have to say you do it for the love of the horses.

It is nice to live to have my business at my home but I will admit that sometimes you miss the privacy when you have people coming and going all the time. You always have to be available. We don't have a lot of rules but I think the most important one is setting hours for the barn. I ask boarders to finish by 9PM on school nights and 10PM on weekends.

Most of my boarders know what color my pj's are.....:-)

Kiara 11-12-2008 01:31 PM

Not to high-jack your post, but to those that have their own barns: What do you think about having some girls come and clean stalls and for that they can ride? I had that deal when I was younger. There were some people that had a few horses and had us girls keep the stalls clean and for that we were allowed to ride for free. Was an awesome time. Bonded great with the horses.

Plus, how often do you really muck out the stalls? Do you think its ok to pick out every day and once a week do a real muck? Or more frequently? Just curious.

farmpony84 11-12-2008 01:34 PM

I clean my stalls everyday. Otherwise they would get out of hand and I would have to strip them. I have a girl that comes out and rides. I don't ask for anything in exchange. I have 6 horses and I'm the only one that rides so I need help. I "gave" her Blue as her charge. She comes out and rides about 4 times a week. She bathes him and grooms him, she will probably show him next summer, she's not ready this year. She has had a few years of riding lessons and she takes them once a week at a local stables so...

Kiara 11-12-2008 02:26 PM

I read my post again and I think I want to clarify even if you all got what I tried to say, I think its better to be clear, cauz I'm confused myself :lol:
So by picking I mean take out all the poop and peed on bedding, but leave the dry stuff in. By mucking I mean that you take all of it out, dry or not. That is how I understood the difference, but correct me if I'm wrong.

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