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Stichy 04-13-2013 12:44 AM

If you give a green rider a green horse...
I really felt this needs to be wrote, so you know how far Brandy has come in her training and how proud I am of her. Heres the story of how Brandy, my green mare that I re-trained, came to be my nearly expirienced horse!
It all started when I was about 8 I think. I had been into horses forever, and now it was time for me to get one. My grandparents had bought me a little Shetland gelding, and as crabby as that old man was, I loved him to death, and still do! After a while, I started taking lessons on Tennessee Walkers...Looking back now, I can see that the lessons weren't all that great and didn't teach me much, but I wouldn't take them back for the world, I loved them! Then I turned 10, and with a sudden growth spurt, I was much to large for that little pony, and I knew he probably wasn't a fan of me riding him anymore. After going out in the pasture with Beauty (Yes, my black shetland was named black beauty..come on, I was 8! Lol) and having a long, heart to heart "discussion" (AKA me talking and him listening), I decided it was time to move up to a big girls horse...I hated to get rid of him, still kinda regret it, and if I could have him as a pasture pet now, I would. But back to the story. After crying with my little pony and giving him one last hug goodbye, I went to talk to my grandma about it, and she was suprisingly excited for it (well, not much of a surprise, they'd been pushing me to get rid of that pony forever!). I didn't think it would happen for a while, but that night I got a call from my horse ranching friends...Here's how the conversation went:
Me: Hello?
(lets call them T): I heard you grew out of your shetland?
Me: Yea...
T: Well, I happen to be getting rid of my horse, Brandy. Would you be interested?
Me: *I was nodding yes, but I realized we were on the phone: Um...Um..Um..
T: I already asked your grandma, she said it'd be fine if you wanted her.
Me: S-sure...
T: She's free, as long as we have the first baby. Sound good?
Me: Yes!! Yes yes yes!!
T: Now let me tell you about her...This is a very special mare, she has really good bloodlines and really good training, but ever since she's had her foal she's been put to pasture, but we will be around on your first ride, in case you need any help. Ok?
Me: Ok!
The next day, my pony left and Brandy came. I had never seen her before or anything, so I was pretty excited. When I walked into the feild, I had seen the most beautiful mare in the world. I couldn't stop saying "She's so amazing!". I remember spending the whole day with her, sitting out in her pasture, talking with her, playing with her mane. The next day, I rode her for the first time. I remember everything, I walked up and down the hill, and it was the best ride I'd ever had(at the time), even if it only lasted 5 minutes. I loved her so much! When school started, I didn't have any time to see her anymore, and it was horrible...So dad decided to put up a fence(or two..) and bring her home. I remember getting picked up early that day from school, I remember her being loaded into the trailer, and I remember how much she hated it...I could hear her banging around in there and neighing, I almost felt bad for bringing her home, but now I don't regret it. Now skip ahead a year.
She was terrible! She bit, kicked, bucked, did everything a bad horse would! I wanted to get rid of her soo bad, but for some reason I never could bring myself to do it. I had every chance to, but I couldn't.
A couple months into that year, I decided to cowgirl up and make this horse behave. She would be mine and she would like it! After a while of riding her around, I ended up riding her in her feild, don't know why since I've always been scared to ride in there. But I did it...And I cantered on her for the very first time! It was like riding a cloud, and I loved every minute of it...I loved her, she was my horse, we had finally clicked! I was so proud of her, but I could never make her do it on command. Fast forward past a whole lot of cantering.
Now, she was being her old self again, biting, kicking, etc. I was riding bareback out in the yard, and I was bored, then all of the sudden, mom said "Hey, wanna set something up and see if she jumps it?" so of course, I said yes. We set up a tree as a jump, and Brandy got it the first time! She seemed to love it! Another fast forward, past a lot more cantering and jumping.
It's washington, it rains a lot and it's hard to get a ride in...So we decided to board her. Best. Decision. Ever. Well, other than buying her...
Anyways, we got her trained in just a month! She had always been so great, and then the farrier came (a new farrier), took one look at her, and said "DO NOT put another bit in that horses mouth. She needs her teeth done bad." We had completley forgot about her teeth! And she had been so sweet, even through all the pain...I felt terrible, but also...I don't know...Touched? That she would behave for me so well, even through all the pain. After she got her teeth done, she was even better than before. She was patient, she listened better, she stands and relaxes while I chat with other people(she's been called a chat broke horse, lol) Now? Now we've been jumping, doing poles and barrels, bareback riding, and now I'm starting to teach her reining. I have learned so much from this mare, and I'm continuing to learn from her. She's my baby, and I wouldn't trade her for anything. Even when she's old and lame, I'm still going to keep her, she will always be my baby. She's been used as a lesson pony twice (while I led them around, she doesn't like strangers riding her unless I'm leading her). I've heard people compliment on how far Brandy has come, and those compliments mean the world to me. My BO has actually said at times, she thought Brandy would never make it, and she's very proud of how far she's come!
Anyways, hope y'all enjoyed reading this, 'cause I sure as heck enjoyed typing it!

Tobysthebesthorseever 04-24-2013 03:26 PM

So sweet! Congrats on your wonderful horse!

Stichy 04-25-2013 12:12 AM

Thank you!

Saddlebred11 04-07-2014 09:30 PM

I love what my instructor says, ride like a brat! Get what you want! There is no point in riding like a nice person if you aren't going to get anything done. Sounds like when you "cowgirled up" you got want you wanted. And that my friend is the point!

Horse7550 04-08-2014 12:17 PM

Nice story. :D

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