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ButtInTheDirt 04-13-2013 11:19 PM

What should I do with this curly mane?
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I was warned that foals are notorious mane-eaters, but I had gotten so far without any damage. But now... that little devil. :shock: I attached a picture, it is not yet that bad, but I wouldn't put it past the munchkin to eat more. In the picture everything was as long as the part closest to her throatlatch, and you can tell the part near to her withers is a little munched on. I'm just considering what I should do with it. I was never contented with the thickness of it, and when I got her, her mane was on both sides of her neck. My other Curly mare has a much different type of mane, and since she rubbed a portion of it out I decided to cut it. I honestly think how I cut it suits her, and is the next best thing aside from a long, full mane, plus it was functional. I'm not sure how something like that would go over with the first mare in question.

So, here come the suggestions... What should I do with the Tenakee's mane? Cut it? Pull it? Anyone have any tutorials or pictures? I'm just not sure if Scarlet's hairstyle would go over well with Tenakee. I attached a third picture to show off Tenakee's formerly very gorgeous hair.

BoldComic 04-14-2013 01:16 AM

I say just leave it alone. I guess I don't think it looks all that bad. If anything, I would take thinning shears to the longer part to shorten it up a bit but leave it with a "natural" rather than blunt cut look.

Love the curly horses BTW.

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