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Apache Cat 04-14-2013 04:34 PM

Tips on improving my Dressage! Video included.
I am a showjumper. I have been for a while, however I have always had an interest in dressage. Now I want to branch out to Eventing. Problem is, I am now pretty much new to dressage. I mean obviously I have done flatwork, but I dont know the sorts of things that dressage judges look for, so thats where I was hoping to get some help from you guys!!

My first dressage test is next sunday. We are only doing unofficial 13-U26 Pcaq test 1.1(i) and 1.1(iii) (I want to take it slow as my horse is very new to this aswell). I have forced a friend to video me and my horse Apache performing the test but she only got half of it and somehow got a really weird video (grey and blurry). hahaha. I will attach the link. So please have a look and can you tell me anything i am doing drastically wrong. Thank you!! :D

cowgirl4753 04-14-2013 04:40 PM

Wow that video gives me motion sickness! Lol
Now I'm no expert, so take this with a grain of salt until the experts weigh in, but make sure to keep your elbows in and in your canter try and keep your butt down. Move with your horse a bit more, really rock your pelvis if that makes sense. Nice horse and good luck!
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tinyliny 04-14-2013 04:53 PM

YOu can keep the video, I'll take your uber cute horse!

hard to see, so hard to make much of a crit.
most obvious is you need to get your elbows back against your rib cage. If you need shorter reins, don't do it by pulling your hands back toward your tummy, and thus putting your elbows out "chicken winged" . shorten the rein to where it should be, and make minor lengthen /shorten witih your hand.

Use more core to prepare your horse for halt, DONT ever snap the reins upward, as you appeared to do in the very last downward transition. use core, "HOLD" him, a bit of squeeze with your hand, then breathe him down into a walk

I wish I could see better to say more, but you've got a decent start, no mistake about that.

~*~anebel~*~ 04-15-2013 01:25 AM

First of all


Secondly, really focus on pressing your hands down and forward that they move more with the horse instead of moving with your body and going up and down every stride. If you can rest them on the neck, this will really give you a feel for how the neck is moving, relative to your body.
Tuck in your elbows as well and press them down towards your hips.

Otherwise there is not much else actually visible in the video. The dark colored breeches and Blair Witch style filming make it difficult to see your legs and seat for the most part. I do see some gripping, think about using one aid, enforcing a response (with a kick or something) and then taking your aid off and letting the leg hang on the horse's side, until you need another aid. When you put an aid on and grip with it, it becomes like the girth to the horse and eventually they ignore it.

Good luck!

greentree 04-19-2013 08:39 AM

Be sure if you wear spurs to do your test that they turn DOWN. Your horse is adorable!!

Good Luck!


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