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Blkjimni 11-13-2008 03:23 PM

Need a miracle, putting on Lbs (Help)!!!!!!!
My 2 year old PB Arabian filly is way to thin.
She is a picky eater and I am at a loss on what to feed her to pack on the lbs.....
I feed her growth, sweet feed and hay which she doesn't like hay by the way.
I have fed her corn oil for months with no results, weight builder for 4 months with no results. I sware I feed it two her twice a day for 4 months and nothing..That stuff has 40 grams of fat in every serving.
She eats all her feed but eats slow.
She is very doscile, doesn't pase or sway, she is gentle and doesn't worrie. I worm her ever due date. I am going to put her on envision which I heard that does wonders, Will see.
Any thing else I can try?
I can't see her ribs but her hip bone sticks out. She needs to fill out before the next show season.
Help Me.......................................PPPPPleas sse

NorthernMama 11-13-2008 05:44 PM

My very first concern here would be "she doesn't like hay" -- that's all not good. Call a vet if you need to, but she needs hay... maybe it's the quality of the hay? Maybe it's her teeth? Does she have her new teeth coming in and they are hurting her? Also, despite that you are worming regularly, have you ever had a feces count done? It's usually very inexpensive and may tell you something you are not aware of.

Blkjimni 11-13-2008 06:40 PM

WOW I didn't think about having her poop tested..... thats a good idea. Oh she eats hay but not very much, she is so picky. I have round bails and I have square bails. she nit picks at them. My other mare eats the hay with no problem. I will also have her teeth checked.
Is their a type of oil to add to her feed that will help her coat and weight?
I have tried corn oil is there something better?

Peggysue 11-13-2008 07:30 PM

do you have any pics of her?? Have you tried beet pulp?? looked into the possiblity of ulcers?? De worming is covered above...teeth are covered.. have you tried different feeds?? what are you feeding her now??

Blkjimni 11-13-2008 08:17 PM

Well she is on growth and sweetfeed. I am going to start her on envision again. I had her on oil and weight builder with no luck.
Yes I have tried many feeds., Safe choice, extreme, xtn, different pellets,
Extreme was great but its about 23 dollars a bag, I have got to stick with a less cost feed. what about flax seed oil?

jazzyrider 11-13-2008 08:42 PM

i would also suggest beet pulp. it has only recently become available in australia and ive been using it for about a month now. i have a large warmblood and tb who is a hard keeper and i have noticed the biggest improvement after just a month of feeding it. the other 2 dont have weight issues so they need very little to keep them round and happy :) lucerne chaffe, millrun/bran, senior pellets and good quality hay should help

rice bran is another good bulk feed.

i also agree that she should be eating her hay. does she eat grass? what kind of hay do you feed her?

if you are having trouble with her eating certain things try adding mollasses to the feed. there arent many horses who can refuse mollasses :)

as said i would get her teeth checked and maybe some tests eg; poop/bloodwork. there may be some other underlying factor that is hard to diagnose in any way other than by testing

Ryle 11-13-2008 09:08 PM

It may be that she is just growing since she is just 2.....alot of horses that age don't tend to be very bulky.

If she doesn't like the hay you are feeding, you should consider trying a different hay. Horses often will not eat certain types or poor quality hay. So I would try buying hay from a different place and see if her appetite improves.

As for what to feed her, you don't want to be feeding a diet that isn't balanced. I would find a good quality hay that she will eat as your first priority, then feed her a ration balancer on top of adequate amoutns of hay.

prbygenny 11-13-2008 10:04 PM

Progressives Envision will do wonders on her in about a month as long as there is nothing physically wrong with her. How much of it do you plan on feeding her? Also I would switch her from her sweet feed to progressives Grass formula (if she is on mostly grass hay, or Alfalfa formula if she is on mostly alfalfa hay)it will giver her all the nutrion she needs to build up muscle and along with great coat and stronger feet.
JMO I love the feed!!

kickshaw 11-13-2008 10:20 PM

i'd also suggest having her teeth checked ;-) good luck!

Gimme A Dream 11-13-2008 11:11 PM

The type of hay might be the trick. I get two different types of hay. The winter hay which consists mainly of timothy and tall thick red clover which is coarse and the pasture hay, which might have a variety of soft hays, including couch grass, barn hay, white clover, early goldenrod, fireweed and several other grasses that have medicinal qualities. My filly prefers the pasture hay which is harvested early and keeps the seed and grains longer in the hay. My gelding prefers the coarse winter hay. My mare doesn't care and remains roly-poly at all times.

But the true cause for hips showing is the lack of water. She sounds like she is dehydrated. During the winter I try to get my horses to drink 10 gallons of water a day. But this summer, my three horses were going through at least 60 gallons of water a day, for the three of them. During the winter, I usually fail at the ten gallons and they, the filly and the gelding were hippy, but the mare was fat. This summer they were all rounded out. I though for sure there was a leak in the large trough. But there wasn't. It could have been a lot more because someone would run when they saw the horses at the trough and turn on the hose. I only watered them twice a day but apparently they were given fresh cool water, up to 6 times a day.

Have you tried giving her salt?

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