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AndersonEquestrian 04-14-2013 11:38 PM

So my colt has had these circular spots on him for a while now. I have been treating them with Nu-Stock and MGT but they don't seem to be helping. The hair is not growing back and the circles wont go away.

Has anyone dealt with this before? I will get pics up tomorrow so you can all see. They are all like a lighter color brown, but perfect circles.

Edit: he has had it for at least 2 months and it has not spread, only the same 4-5 spots. I recently body clipped him to make sure those were the only spots and that is all I could find.

themacpack 04-14-2013 11:39 PM

How long is "a while", exactly? How large are the circles and where are they on his body?

paintedpastures 04-14-2013 11:52 PM

toothpaste has proven effective to treat ringworm:D

themacpack 04-15-2013 08:19 AM

The ETA adds a bit more info - but I'm still interested in knowing where, on his body, these spots are located.

Breezy2011 04-15-2013 08:25 PM

My filly just got over Ringworm. I used anti-fungal cream and toothpaste, it worked great, all that is left of her ringworm is a spot on her face, the biggest spot, and the hair is almost done growing back, it only took 2 months at the most. Also put tea tree oil around it, to prevent it from spreading.

HollyBubbles 04-16-2013 01:43 AM

First things first, if you suspect that it is ringworm, DON'T share brushes, or any tack with any other animal, and wash your hands after touching him, it can also be spread by direct contact between horses, so if you can keep him from touching other horses then do it.
Ringworm isn't a worm as such, it's a fungal infection/dermatitis and is similar to rainrot, and it will often show up if the horse has inadequate immune system or is low in vits and mins. Horses under 3 tend to get it more so than Adult horses because the immunity of that horse hasn't been built up to it's maximum yet. So you need to be treating it with an anti-fungal cream or wash of some sort and just keep an eye on it. Using an anti-fungal shampoo all over your colt would probably be your best bet.
It can be spread not just to other horses, but to dogs, cats, pigs, sheep etc, plus yourself.
Can we have pictures? As my mare had something that was described the same way you would describe ringworm, but when shown pictures it was obvious that it wasn't ringworm.

I think toothpaste works because it dries out the ringworm, ringworm favours warm wet conditions, and toothpaste dries it out the same way it dries out pimples on humans.
It also hates airflow, so the more air it gets exposed to, the better the chance of getting rid of it.
****, my vet nursing courses are making sense already :lol:

faye 04-16-2013 01:53 AM

Betadine or athletes foot cream/spray.
The fungus that causes ringworm is normaly candida albicans, the same one as causes atheletes foot.

AndersonEquestrian 04-16-2013 01:00 PM

Yes, I will get some photos. I was supposed to get them yesterday but had some really terrible things happen. Needless to say, it didn't happen.

I will get the photos as soon as possible.

It started with one 2 1/2 inch circle on his butt (right above the tailbone). It was a bump on his butt and when I was trying to figure out what it was exactly it came off in a huge chunk of skin/hair. it was nasty. My RM told me it was probably a tick bite? But I didn't think so. She thought it may have been some rain rot but I treated him with every rain rot curing thing we had and it didn't touch it. After that it spread up his body, he has 2 large ones and 3 smaller ones (maybe the other way around?). I put MGT on it and it seems to be stopping the spread of it. I have not seen any other spots come up.

Now I am treating him with a betadine soak and then a white vinegar rinse. I will get some athletes foot spray to put on there as well.

Corporal 04-16-2013 01:24 PM

I agree about the immunity. We've been treating mange in 3/5 cats. The eldest, 11yo, doesn't have it. The others were born on our porch last July, from the feral mom we took in. Mange is a fungus, too. We had to bathe the cats, then treat with a sulfer treatment. These cats have had the house to live in and constant food, so I'm sure it's a matter of exposure to some cat with mange and immature antibodies. After one treatment, only one cat needs re-treatment. Boy, the two younger cats were really easy to handle bc of this.
Agreed keep brushes from other horses. A bleach solution should kill the fungus on them.
Btw, I washed them with Mane 'N Tail shampoo.

AndersonEquestrian 04-17-2013 08:19 PM

The 3rd one down is the original spot. He has had it for about 3 mo now. I have been treating him with MGT with very little luck but it did stop the spread. It has not spread in a LONG time, at least a month and a half. I thought it was rainrot at first, then when the 3rd one came up, I realized that they were all perfect little circles.

Might I also add that he got this while we lived in Santa Cruz, CA. It was in the wet season that he got it. Now we have moved back to Nevada and I body clipped him for several reasons, but mostly to get this under control.

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