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kershkova 11-14-2008 10:08 PM

How to put on polo wraps
I need to know how to put on polo wraps. Also what brands are best

equineangel91 11-14-2008 10:14 PM


about the video....I've personally never heard of putting ducktape id avoid it...they should stay on just fine with the velcro strap

id say get fuzzier/thicker ones for winter, and the thinner polos for summer o other wearther....brands....not too important really, so long as they are durable and strong!! preferably easy to clean

kershkova 11-14-2008 10:34 PM


travlingypsy 11-14-2008 10:50 PM

Who would use duck tape in a comp? I was never able to get those right....

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