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laurenlewis24 04-16-2013 08:11 PM

Would you breed her? Why and why not?
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Please tell me what qualities you see that you dislike and like about this mare. I am considering breeding her this year. She has a great personality and I think she would be an excellent mother. I will have new pics of her soon (much much better pics, especially once she sheds out)

I don't have her papers right in front of me, they are filed away so I will have to dig them back out but...

Some info:

11 years old
15.2 or 15.3 (haven't stick measured her)
AQHA registered
Trained in trail riding and english...starting her on jumping and dressage.
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any comments are welcome, but please understand that I am TRYING to get better pictures. I promise! Just try to use what Ive given.

Endiku 04-16-2013 08:22 PM

I would not breed this mare because you have given no record to show that she is a proven money earner, has money earners in her bloodlines, etc. I would not breed her also, because of her rediculously small feet and light boned legs. I see other comformational faults as well but based on those two things alone, even if everything else about her was nice, I would still not breed her so it does not matter.

franknbeans 04-16-2013 08:31 PM

Totally agree with Endiku. A great personality and you thinking she would be a great mother-NOT reasons to breed.

Just warning you-this thread could get some really strong reactions. There are so many good horses that are looking for homes-why would you breed a mare that is average at best?

themacpack 04-16-2013 08:42 PM

I see nothing about her conformation or history that says "breed me".

4horses 04-16-2013 08:55 PM

I would not breed just based on her breed. 60% of horses sent to slaughter are western pleasure type horses like QH's. TB's only made up 11%.

Quite frankly, QH's are a dime a dozen around here. I could go to any auction and have my pick of perfectly good QH's that are practically being given away. The AQHA needs to re-think their breeding programs.

Why breed? You could go out and buy an already pregnant mare if you wanted a foal. There is no profit margin for breeding QH's right now, or most horses at all. You could also go out and buy a nice 2 yr old and send him for training for the cost of your breeding fees and mare care.

I can't tell if it is the picture but her front ankles don't look right. They look dropped and are not as upright as her hinds. Her body is very long. Ideally you want to cut the horse into 3rds and each portion should be equal in length. She also has tiny legs and a very upright shoulder angle.

For example a horse with good conformation:

Not that she isn't a nice mare, but there are simply too many other horses out there that need homes. Some of the rescues near here have some really nice horses with basic training that have good conformation and absolutely nothing wrong with them. We have a problem as society when perfectly good horses are being dumped.

GamingGrrl 04-16-2013 08:57 PM

I wouldn't breed her. The biggest thing that worries me are those front legs, they scare me. There are other reasons too, like the above posters mentioned already.
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Chiilaa 04-16-2013 09:06 PM

Conformationally, she has nothing to give to a foal that would be worth keeping in the gene pool. She has a sway back, her legs are not at all nice, and she looks wasp waisted to add to the issues. This are conformational issues that are not just "looks" conformation, these are defects that can impact the health and soundness of a future foal.

Additionally, I am always a bit wary when someone asks "should I breed this mare", especially with a mare like yours, who clearly shouldn't be bred (she is probably an awesome horse, I am speaking purely on her conformation here). It doesn't reflect well on a future breeder when you don't have enough objectiveness to see the flaws of your potential breeding stock. It suggests to me that you need more knowledge before you are ready to add to the gene pool in the horse world - not that you never should, just that you really need to learn more about conformation before you start popping out foals.

Also, you have given the only reason for breeding as "she is awesome and she would make a great mother". Those are not good enough reasons, sorry. She has nothing to give to the foal, and you as a potential breeder have a responsibility to breed only foals that you can set up for success in life - not foals that are destined to be the chaff.

laurenlewis24 04-16-2013 09:10 PM

Thank you for all of your advice! I was just wondering what your guys' opinions were on her. I understand about the rescue, she in fact was a sort of rescue. I agree that the AQHA needs to get their act together when it comes to breeding. I wasn't too serious about breeding her, just gabbling around with some thoughts. Thanks for everyones input!

soenjer55 04-16-2013 09:25 PM

Well, I think everything I wanted to say has already been covered, lol.
If you really want a foal, adopting is always an option- here's a rescue in Athens, Ohio who has plenty of absolutely adorable nurse mare foals up for grabs. There's information on their site about what a nurse mare foal is, etc., if you'd like to know more...
Last Chance Corral :: Ohio Horse and Foal Rescue - Available Foals
Even if you don't want to go to Ohio, I'm sure there are ways to rescue a foal from your state.

CowboyBob 04-16-2013 10:04 PM

Just thinking, Why do you want to get into breeding? Everyone has told you how they feel about your horse. I think if she is a good riding horse and you like her and you get along with her, great she will have a good life with you. But, why breeding? Its a lot of work, you will have almost 3 years before you have a horse that you MIGHT be able to start riding and more likely 4-5 depinding on your riding ability. As someone said "there are A LOT of horse that need a good home. I think too many people get into breeding I would discorage almost all of them out of the busyness. Yes you get a "free" horse...I have never got into breeding and it is just a guess but I would say that if you are to to it right you would be money ahead going out and buying a trained horse and skip the breeding.
So thats my thinking ask your self why do you want to breed any horse not just this one?

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