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TurkishVan 04-16-2013 10:36 PM

Updates on A.D.D. horse!
So I posted a thread a while back about needing advice on how to gain my Mom's gelding's attention, especially his eyes. He does everything to not look at me while on the lunge line.

Well, just wanted to give a quick update on him.
This horse has been ridden in a long (like, really long) shank bit and western saddle since we got him. He was ridden in the same thing, with spurs, before we purchased him as well. He was getting to the point where he wouldn't hardly respond to it. I decided to use one of those Aurigan bits, the same one that I use on another horse. I also decided to start being really, really quiet when asking him to do something.

Oh. My. Gosh. :shock:

It's like an entirely different horse! He has got to be the most sensitive horse I've ever ridden! If you don't center yourself correctly, and tilt forward just a few degrees, you'll put weight on his forehand and he'll completely stop. (Which I'm trying to get him to STOP doing since I'm a beginner in english riding and get off centered quite a bit, lol!) I have no idea what the right response should be in that case, but I'm just amazed that he's listening so closely!

Tonight I rode him for the first time in an english saddle. His trot was quick to begin with, but once I started exaggerating my posting, he quickly caught on and we got into a beautiful rhythm that I have never gotten with my other horse. He was so swingy! It felt soooo smooth! He steps under himself alot. And he'll drop his head, round his back, and just go with it! I have to keep looking down at him to check if he's the same horse, lol!

Along with being sensitive, he loves to work. My instructor got on him first to see how he'd do, and she started doing things with him that I'd never seen before. He got so relaxed as he began to work, and as he listened he looked like he was in his element.

I swear to god that this horse has never been ridden english, let alone for dressage! I'm definitely feeling stupid for calling him names now. I think I learned more on him in one lesson than I've learned in 3 months with my other horse!
I'm just a happy camper right now! :D

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