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Lopin N Paint 04-17-2013 06:00 PM

Questions about shopping for a reining horse
Well, I've decided its time to buy the horse I really want...

Not that it matters much but I've had some real eye opening experiences within a short time. The biggest was last summer; I lost my younger sister in a freak car accident. She was 21 and in the Army, she was on leave heading home to PA from GA. I was 5 months pregnant. My only other sibling, an older sister, was then deployed to the middle east in Nov. along with her husband who left a week earlier. (At least as fate would have it they are over there together!) My mom is currently raising my nephew, my son and I hang out over there pretty much 24/7 anyway while the husband is at work.

Horses have always been my 'getaway'. My current horse whom I've had for over a year (but have yet to ride due to me being pregnant then him getting sick) I purchased because I knew him for a while and I just wanted something to ride. He is currently not doing to well health wise and I can not ride him now. :cry:

I don't really plan on showing much, if at all, but it would be nice to have something that if I decided to it would be capable of doing so. Just local junk, nothing big.

Well, In PA my choices are not as plentiful as other places in this country. There are not many locals I can talk too about where to look, and how much I'm looking at.

I want something that will at least w/j/l nice. Under 10 years old preferably. Looking for a gelding (but wont turn down a nice mare). Must be AQHA. I'm 4 foot 11 inches (and at 25 I'm not getting bigger lol) so 14-14.3 hands. If the stops and spins are a bit rusty or slow yet I think we can handle that. But I want something that is bred, has the conformation and movement, and mind for the sport.

Realistically how much am I looking at?
I kinda would like to stay below $10,000. Is that even realistic or not?
To me, that is a lot of money for a horse... but I know for a lot of people thats nothin.
How do I go about my search, I know a lot of horses never even get listed and it is word of mouth... do I contact reining people in my area and let them know I'm looking? Will they even care? Will they laugh at me when I tell them my budget?

I just hope that isn't terribly out of the ball park. :-(

SorrelHorse 04-17-2013 06:21 PM

In this economy you should be able to get a nice horse for that price. Any nice little all-around horse could do a low level reining class. My mare is never going to be an exceptional reiner, but she had that training before I got her and consistently wins at the local level.

You could call some of the local people and ask. It never hurts. Often barns will have clients selling their horses or stepping up to a higher caliber horse, or have a horse who just isn't showing the level they want. Those are the horses I'd be looking for, safe, good reining foundation, but just not quite stepping up to the caliber the person wanted. For what you want, that is perfect.

franknbeans 04-17-2013 06:46 PM

Where in Pa are you? THe trainer I used last year is in MD, and he always knows of some for sale. In fact, I am now kicking myself for not buying one he had last year for $8500, broke to death, ready to show and not even 8, as I recall. He may just know of something.

Lopin N Paint 04-17-2013 07:22 PM

Eastern pa zip 18211 as long as we can make it there, have an hour to ride, and make it home before dark I'd give it ago lol.

Most dog stuff I did (retrievers) was in md and va. Not a trip I'd wanna do daily but not too tuff to handle every once and a while.

franknbeans 04-17-2013 07:46 PM

You can try contacting him-Here is the link to his farm. He is a great guy, but is at the NRBC at the moment.....probably not home until next week. I know that some of the horses on his sale page are not there any more.....

Summerwind Farm

Lopin N Paint 04-18-2013 10:57 AM

Thank you.

Now, when I contact people, and let them know I'm in the market.... what the heck kinda horse do I tell them I'm looking for?

Rookie, Novice, Amateur?
What are these levels of horses/riders?

I do know I don't need no Pro, Futurity, or Open horses... I think thats a bit out of my budget and ability...

cowgirl4753 04-18-2013 11:15 AM

Just tell them what you told us. Your in the market for a well broke, low level reining horse. Something safe that you can take to local shows. Plain and simple lol. If they dont have something they may know somebody who does. It never hurts to make a phone call, and get "networking"
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franknbeans 04-18-2013 11:16 AM

I would say Rookie or non-pro. Many will ask your experience level.

You an also look online at some of the specific reining horse sites-just google reining horses for sale and they will come up. There are some good ones out there seemingly. Just make sure you get a really good PPE.

If you start going to some of the shows, like EPRHA, which the guy I referred you to shows in, and is the past president will start to learn who you can trust, who you like and who you don't. There are some trainers I know who I woudn;t touch one of their horses.

Oh-I think Rocky Dare is also near you-he may have or know of something.

Lopin N Paint 04-18-2013 11:26 AM

Thanks everyone!

I thought I could just look at classified but I've come to realize if I don't network, I'll never find a horse lol.

For 10k I would for sure be wanting a PPE...and insurance on it lol
I've already started looking around for more performance oriented vets that have a clue what they are looking at...

franknbeans 04-18-2013 11:32 AM

Good luck! You can always post here and get opinions-NRHA would probably be a huge help with her opinion.

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