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lizard13 11-16-2008 02:52 PM

Horse Nutrition
Hello every one, I am feeding all of my horses the same pelleted 14% protein 6% fat feed and it has worked splendedly for almost a year but I am now trying to put fat on them for the winter and I am feeding my 1 1/2 yr olds over 30 lbs a day and my thoroughbred over 25 lbs a day and they are not getting bigger not even a big belly! they are wormed on a monthly basis and all have regular shots and check ups they just wont gain weight, i have 4 mares that only have to recieve 1 lb of feed to stay looking like butter balls but i have quite a few who need something better. my problem is if I buy a feed with higher than 10% fat my protein level drops and I have to have my protein because the hard keepers are gorwing babies and high energy performance horses. Can anyone tell me why they dont put high level protein with high level fat, there has to be a reason. If someone knows of a feed with atleast 14% protein and atleast 10% fat could you please let me know? any advice on the subject would be awesome. Just for extra info ill tell you how much I am feeding each horse with no results, my stud justice is getting 20 lbs of feed, and GG Dixie Colt and Frankie are all recieving 16lbs of feed. I hate to keep shoving so much feed at them it can't be good, oh and all of my horses are on a very nice free choice hay and pasture. Thank you - Elizabeth

lizard13 11-16-2008 04:32 PM

hi guys i just wanted to let you know i found my answer

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