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Nadia 11-16-2008 04:33 PM

Relaxation part 1
Many people on The Horse Forum post photo's some are good, but some are bad. These photo's are riding photo's. Nowadays most judges don't even know what relaxation means anymore. It's disgusting! It's THE way of getting your horse on the bit, it's THE way of a perfect performance. So, I going to give you some handy tips for riding. Riding round, riding relaxed, riding with perfection. Lesson number 1.

The warming-up issue.
Many people think warm-up is just a simple walk, trot and canter around. Ride some circles and done. No, this is the part that gives you the chance to feel your horse. If it's stiif, wants to work with you today or if you have to ask for everything. Give atleast a 5 minutes walk with loose reins. Then ride round and low. Not Rollkur wise (Against that) lower and not as round. This loosens muscles up in your horses neck that are stiff. Then still in walk, ride some circles. Then him/her look outwards and inwards, without moving from the circle. Do some halt-walk transitions. Time for my favourite method, flexible movement. You tighten your reins (still riding on the bit) and give him more rein, repeat this about 3 times. Then do some small circles, loosen his neck up.
Do the same again. Now we go back to relaxation. Is he still stiff or leaning into your hands? Make a halt and press. What I mean with this is put your hands where the saddle is and keep pressure on the reins. The horse will want to loose that pressure and will go lower and eventually letting go of the bit. Try a slow walk, does he try and escape? Do the same thing again. Keep trying it! It will work.

Still having problems? PM me and tell me how he feels when riding. Which side is stiff? Any problems recently?

Midwest Paint 01-06-2009 04:09 AM

Please explain what you mean by that?

ShowJumpLife 01-18-2009 12:54 AM

I just want to say that every horse is differnt, What works for one may not nessiarily work for another.
If I did this with my sjer before a comp he would go nuts on me, we keep our warmup routeine short and sweet otherwise he gets nervous and starts anticipating transitions etc.
For a sj comp our warm up is to go on a long walk around 15minutes long, on a loose rein, then we to two big laps of the warm up area at canter, one on each rein. Then we pop over a small X twice and then do a large oxer once and thats it.
My old boy had to have an hour and a half warmup because he needed to relax and work softly, it too that long to get some decent work out of him.

So pretty much moral of the story is.
You should do what works for you and your horse, just cause somone else does it differntly doesnt mean either of you are wrong.

moomoo 01-18-2009 09:06 AM

Yeah, SJL is right, Mistys warm up is walk and trot on a loose rein for 10+ mins then start working on the bit :-)

toosexy4myspotz 01-21-2009 01:16 PM

Ive always thought I was crazy because I done SOOO much work with my horse before I ever put the saddle on him and then I still do lots of ground work after the saddle is on. Sometimes (depending on the mood hes in) I spend about an hour on the ground with him before he is relaxed enough to be undersaddle. I can tell a huge difference in him when I do the ground work and warm ups properly and when I dont do them as good.

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