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hopie22 04-18-2013 04:07 PM

Little Girls Fairy tale soon became reality! (New one i started over!its better)
June 4th 2002 I woke jumped out of my pink comforter so fast I tripped on all my toy horses that were lying on my floor. I sat on my floor ad looked all around at all the different breeds of horses on my floor. Most were Bryers and Olympic toy horses. I was 10 years old and dreaming of going to the Olympics. Everyone tells you that you can as a little kid, but as the years go by they soon start to tell you it’s never going to happen. But on June 4th I was given something that only made my dream bigger. I then looked up to my walls covered in posters of my role models. Olympic champions and competitors!! Every little girl wants a pony or a horse! And some even think about going to the Olympics! That’s all I ever thought about! I looked up to these people who I had on my wall. Since it was my 10th birthday today I was finally getting a horse of my own again. I had one before but we sold him when my mom died. My dreams disappeared for a while after her death. And my dad was struggling to live without her. They were perfect together! When they were by each other they were constantly smiling and laughing! But that all changed once she was gone. Daddy and I were on our own now and we were doing fine! I still trained with my trainer at our barn we went to. I was there 4 times a week to ride. But I used her horses, but I had to get my own soon so I could start competing again. I decided that my mom would have wanted me to carry on with my dreams. She was always there to support me, cheer me on every step of the way. Even though she wasn’t really there I knew she would watch me from up there. After a few minutes of sitting there I got up to walk to my dad’s room and wake him up! Walking down the hall that morning I couldn’t help but smile knowing I was getting a horse in a few hours and he or she would be all mine! I looked out the window to see what it was like outside. It was sunny and warm, the birds were singing there morning songs and flying around, our neighbor kids were outside playing with their new puppy. And just so you know the puppy was really cute! He was a Belgian Shepard named Sketch. Anyways I turned around to walk to my dad’s room but when I walked in there he wasn’t there, so I walked down the winding stairs to the kitchen. Sitting on the table was pancakes and some flowers with a note. I looked at the note and it said he was waiting in the truck for me to go get my new horse. Without eating I ran up the stairs as fast as I could and got dressed and threw my hair into a messy bun and shot down the stairs again. When I walked outside he gave me the biggest smile. I jumped in the truck quick he said happy birthday of course then I looked out the window and started to think. Being the daughter of a multi-million dollar family and dad I was a pretty lucky little girl. We lived in a nice house and had nice things. But even though we were rich my family was very nice and didn’t take anything for granted! I always said please and thank you and never asked for more then I needed. After all my thinking I looked at my dad and said “Daddy I love you so much and can’t tell you how much you mean to me. And how happy I am that you’re getting me another horse!” he just looked over and smiled! I knew he was touched by what I had said! And that’s all that mattered!

hopie22 04-22-2013 03:53 PM

We pulled into the long driveway to the stable I rode at and I couldn’t sit still. I saw all the horses in there usually pens along the driveway and when we got closer to the barn I saw Sugar and her newborn foal! He was adorable, with his dappled gray coat and his bright blue eyes! I couldn’t wait for him to grow up he would be beautiful! After looking at them my dad pulled up closer and we parked, he turned to me and said “walk into the barn and you will know what horse is yours.”. I did as I was told, but instead of walking I ran into the barn. My trainer was standing there with this tall white gelding. He was a Dutch warm blood from what I could tell. To me he looked pure bred and I’m sure he was because as a serious competitor you only have pure bred horses usually. Anyways standing in the door way I could see he was pure muscle no fat on him what so ever. And I could only imagine what it would feel like to fly over the jumps on his back, and how gracefully he would dance in the dressage ring. I was frozen for a few minutes just staring at him. I couldn’t believe my dad had gotten me a horse like this. I thought he would have gotten me a normal horse to start off on again nothing this special. My dad walked in and interrupted my day dream and asked if I was going to go see my horse. I looked up at him with a huge smile and wrapped my arms around him and gave him a tight hug! I would never be able to tell him how thankful I was that he did this for me. He whispered in my ear to go see him, then he let go and I walked over there slow trying to hold my excitement in. Once I got right up to him he greeted me with a nuzzle to my arm and I ran my hand down his neck. The feeling of all the muscle just in his neck was amazing, I then felt his legs and they were rock hard. Lisa held the dark leather lead rope out for me to grab and I took it. I looked at his head and on the halter was his name in graved into the gold plate on the cheek strap. It had “Flying Phoenix” on it. Lisa started to talk about how nice of a horse I had now and not many girls my age had one like this, she also said I should go see everything else my dad had gotten me in the tack room. Confused at first because I already had a jumping saddle and all my own tack, so I lead Phoenix into the hall with all the stalls and the tack room. I hooked him up to a cross tie and walked into the tack room. Right away I started to tear up! My dad had gotten me a brand new show saddle for jumping and dressage, a new bridle for each event and everything else I needed for my horse. Everything was new!! But there was a huge rectangular thing wrapped in bright blue and green wrapping paper, the only thing that I could think of was my own show chest! So I darted over to it and started to rip all the wrapping paper off, once it was all off I saw this big black leather chest with my name engraved on the top with “Olympic Dreams” engraved on it. I turned around to see my dad and the only thing he had to say was “You will make it there one day! And I will be there to cheer you on every step of the way!” The tears were running down his eyes me and Lisa could both see it. I could feel my mom there with us to and I walked over to give my dad a hug and I told him mom will be there with us to. We hugged each other for a few minutes before he told me to saddle up and go out to the outdoor arena and I would have my first lesson on Phoenix. Before walking away I told him how much I loved him and thank you.

hopie22 04-23-2013 04:23 PM

After he walked out of the tack room I just sat there for a minute before I grabbed my old saddle and my other stuff I would need, of course I wouldn’t use my new stuff until competitions. But I froze for a few minutes just taking in everything around me and collecting all my thoughts! Looking around the room you would see all this fancy tack and only dream of it being yours, until one day you actually get your own nice saddle, and your own chest which I had been dreaming of having since I started. I started to wonder what all the other little girls thought about when they walked in here for their lesson, wondering if they though the same as I did when I first started. Anyways I better stop thinking and get ready for my lesson, so I grabbed all my stuff and started to groom Phoenix. Running my hand over his body the only thing you felt was pure muscle and his silky body. Just looking at him made me think he was perfect, not even thinking of what it was going to be like to fly over the jumps. Hopefully his name fit his jumping talent.
After he was all handsome looking and his saddle was on I slipped the bridle over his head and he took his bit like it was a treat. Leading him out of the barn and into the yard I noticed a change in his body language. He held his head high his ears set forward and he looked like he knew what he was about to do. He wasn’t just calm about it all you could sense the excitement he had, but he held it all in and wasn’t out of control. I stopped him once we were in the arena shut the gate then mounted. He stood still the whole time didn’t move once just waited for me to get my feet set and me to ask him to move. Once asked he walked into such a graceful walk I was impressed. He had all this energy and excitement I thought he would be fighting the bit to go faster either that or start a trot right away. But nope he was just calm and just perfect. Well after we trotted and galloped a few times around it was time to start to take the jumps. I had no fear in me what so ever I felt very confident in him and in myself and I hope he felt the same way. He had no reason to be scared at least I didn’t think so. I started the course from the start and rounded the first corner to the jump. I counted my strides and got into my position, I could tell he knew what he was doing he had perfect strides and then he took off. I felt his front feet leave the ground then his back feet, I was all ready and my body was perfect in the jumping position. His name says it all he can FLY he had no problem clearing the 3.5ft jump it was perfect, he even had a extra 2.5 feet between hi ad the jump. Once his all his feet hit the ground ever so softly for a horse we continued to the next jump. And all the other jumps and once finished Lisa and my dad were cheering, I looked at them with a huge smile then I hugged his neck and praised him. He was such a good boy I couldn’t ask for anything more. My birthday was better then I ever thought!

hopie22 04-30-2013 03:37 PM

i will post more soon. Please Comment and let me know what you think

Tobysthebesthorseever 05-05-2013 08:35 AM

it's cool! Is it a real story? like did it actually happen to you or a friend?

hopie22 05-06-2013 03:36 PM


Originally Posted by Tobysthebesthorseever (Post 2431010)
it's cool! Is it a real story? like did it actually happen to you or a friend?

Not it is not im just thinking of as i go. Thank you!!

hopie22 05-06-2013 04:02 PM

It had been a few weeks since my birthday, and Phoenix and I had come so far in this short of time. Granted we still had a ton to improve on but I couldn’t be happier. Everyday daddy brought me out there in the morning and in the afternoon after I was done with my studies! Every time I was out there I learned something new about him and I’m sure he learned about me to. But today was going to be different, I had a feeling when I got out of the truck that I might have a fall today I wasn’t sure. Looking around I could tell the horses had more energy and were a little frisky! It had stormed all day so I’m sure when they were put back out they just wanted to run and play. So figuring since we had worked in the indoor arena this morning on ground work it would be nice to go on a nice trail ride.
So after playing in the pasture for a little bit with him we walked in the barn and got him all clean and saddled up. Once out of the barn I came to a stop and looked at the trails not sure what one I wanted to go down. After staring for a few minutes I thought why we don’t just go down by the lake. I had the sense he just wanted to run after being cooped up all day. Of course I just turned him loose I gave him his head and we ran, faster than I have ever went before. All I did was hold on he did the rest, looking around I could see birds flying from tree to tree, every now and then little rain drops from the trees would fall and hit me. A few minutes must have gone by and he came to a sudden halt and slid a few feet. We had had come to the rocks of the lake. They are like cliffs I guess but nothing to dangerous. I should have been paying attention to what was going on around me, all I knew was something wasn’t right but I didn’t really think about it. Just staring at the lake and everything else around me.
Then out of now where I heard something running through the woods and it came right for us. It was just a deer but it scared Phoenix to death and we went flying to the side. He hopped, and since I wasn’t ready for it I went flying to the ground. He reared up and took off down the trail back to the barn.

Tobysthebesthorseever 05-06-2013 04:48 PM

Duuhn duuhn duuhn!!!! =d

Tobysthebesthorseever 05-06-2013 04:48 PM

Oops I meant =D

hopie22 05-14-2013 03:52 PM

Of course I had to walk all the way back to the barn, when I got back I noticed that the whole barn staff was freaking out, they were running around like crazy looking for me. Lisa saw me and ran to me with a big hug! She patted me all down to make sure I was okay, then she wanted to know what happened only after she let everyone know I was okay. After the story was told we went to the barn so I could take care of Phoenix, he was fine not cuts or swollen legs. As long as he was fine that was all that mattered.
So that was one lesson out of the many that horse had taught me was to always pay attention to what was going on around me. He also taught me it’s not always about winning even though that was my goal at the end of the day, as long as we did our best that was all that really mattered! I had him for four years before it was time for me to advance to a bigger better horse. But I still had a hard time letting the big boy go, but he needed to go to another little girl that would enjoy him just as much as I did. He would do the same for her as he did for me. So after being on the internet for a month or so we finally had a buyer. She was a little girl 9 years old, the perfect age to start out on a event horse like him.
It was a Saturday when they came to the barn with a truck and trailer to pick my baby boy up. The few days before I had sent countless hours just talking to him and making him look as pretty as possible. But I knew the time would come sooner than later when I would have to say goodbye. But I had to tell the little girl everything I knew about him before she could leave.
I walked up and greeted them as they got out, and I shook all of their hands. My dad was talking to her parents about the money and what not while I led the girl into the barn. The look on her face was the same that I had when I first saw this beautiful horse. She looked up and asked if he was the one she was taking home today, I smiled at her just before she walked over to him. The same halter was on him when I got him and she asked me if Flying described him, with a one word answer and I smile I said he fly’s like nothing it’s his passion is to fly over whatever you ask him. I then walked to them and told her our story and how I hoped she would love and enjoy him as much as I did. Then I handed her the leather lead and we walked out to where our parents had been the whole time talking. And that was the last time I saw that horse as he walked into the trailer! My dad hugged me as they drove away and the little girl waved good bye to me. After we could no longer see them we started walking to the truck and on the way back he said tomorrow we would start the search for my next 3 horses for 3 day even ting. One for each class Show jumping, Cross Country, and Dressage.

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