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Joe4d 04-18-2013 05:08 PM

Endurance ride training help,
have a training issue that manifests itself at endurance rides but occasionally at other times.
Have a pretty calm mare have done parades, party rides with hundreds of horses, trailered camps, trail rides alone, no problems at all.
Basically on trails at rides, Close behind other horses she is fine although matching gaits is hard as she is a Walker , passing and ahead of other horses she is fine, she can be 100 yards out front or all alone and be perfectly happy, but let another horse be a ways out in front ? and she goes batty. batty batty batty, No idea what to do when she is like that or what to work on at home to fix it. She gets wound up tight, gets all nervous, and bounces in the front. If I try to let her step it out into a runwalk which generally will catch a trotting arabian, she tries to go into a canter, which hey would be better than bouncing in place but even trying to hold her back into an easy canter she is still bouncing in the front, kinda a mini rear, not really, one rein stop will shut her down, but she gets so nervous and crazy on me. THis is a horse I generally ride with mostly voice commands. I can speed her up, slow her down, and stop with voice. Wanna teach her left turn and right turn,,, but I degress, I need to be able to count on her not turning into a nutcase on the first 5 or 10 miles, Gonna get worse the better shape she gets in.
What kinda experiences, round pen drills, trail training can I do ? Or even how can I manage the start of endurance rides ? Last ride I went to a back field and waited 10 minutes after start, most horses were long gone, but she was still a basket case. I am considering starting next ride midpack holding on and hoping for the best ? maybe she will stay calmer in the pack ? No idea, never dont that before, I have always been a ride out after everyone leaves rider.

FlipFlopTipTop 04-18-2013 05:36 PM

You may want to find a friend with a horse and get them to work on it with you at home. Get them to go ahead so you cna work on correcting her. Once she has settled down get them to come back or slowly work your way towards them. take turns with each horse doing this. When I did competitive trail we use to do this while riding at home. Gets them used to being left behind a bit and ahead a bit.
In the meantime while your doing the endurance rides, maybe see if another rider would ride with you? In CTR we always rode in groups of 2 or three, sometimes more if we had some one new joining us that day.

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