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busysmurf 04-18-2013 07:46 PM

Need bit suggestions
Alright, I'm looking for ideas for a new bit for Odie since my daughter will hopefully be showing him later this year. Right now, he gets ridden in a 6" German snaffle. Yes, 6", he's a bucket head, lol.
He does very well in it, BUT he is constantly chewing. He's had that habit for 20 yrs. His teeth are taken care of religiously, he's been measured(thus the 6"). Switching to the 6" helped a little, but the habit is still there. And he focuses more on playing than what he's doing. With a more advanced rider his focus can be redirected.

But, since my daughter is just starting out, i'd like to find something that keeps him responsive, but passifys him a little. And provides a little bit of "brakes" should the need arrise. Kind of like a backup plan if something where to happen.

Attached is the bit he used to be shown in (but without the port). Depending on his attitude that day would determine if I used the curb chain or not. For whatever reason, simply having it there was enough. Since he rides completely off the leg. So if you can make sense of what I'm looking for you get cookies, lol. I hate posting on my phone....
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oh vair oh 04-18-2013 10:38 PM

Would he have a problem going in something like this? FES Uxeter Kimberwick in Kimberwick at Schneider Saddlery (i guess you would need something in a 6" though)

Kimberwicks are the more popular choice for ported hunter bits in the breed shows.

You might also want to try a bit with sweet iron. All of our bits have sweet iron and they work well to pacify them a bit.

You might also want to try and drop the bit lower in his mouth. I know most people think that the horses need "wrinkles" in the sides of their mouth, but I think it's a myth. It just keeps the pressure on the mouth and the horses can lack some responsibility with the bit. If you drop it so that he has to carry it himself, you might be able to get him to pack it around better.

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