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Britt 11-16-2008 11:00 PM

Bucker or Rearer... which would you rather have?
My friend and I were talking about this earlier when we rode... I said that I would rather have a bucker than a rearer because you can predict the bucks before they come easier and prevent them easier (to me, anyway). She said that she'd rather have a rearer because it's not quite as scary and it's easier to hang on to.

Which would you rather have... a bucker or a rearer?

SonnyWimps 11-16-2008 11:09 PM

a bucker for me. To me a rearer is more dangerous...and it freaks me out more. Were-as I've been on so many buckers that it doesn't bother me at all :lol:

Britt 11-16-2008 11:31 PM

Same here... rearing doesn't really scare me, but considering I've seen my mare go over backwards with some family members and when she broke her halter years ago... and considering that another of our mares busted some guys head open on pavememt by rearing and flipping backwards with him... I'd much rather have a bucker. My mare bucks more than she does anything, and it's a habit for her now to buck when she's in high spirits... doesn't phase me a bit anymore.

If I ever go 'horse shopping', I'll probably pass up every 'rearer' I come across... but a bucker you can fix.

wild_spot 11-16-2008 11:35 PM

Personally, I will ride either, as unless the horse is actually trying to kill you, the less severe of both can be prevented/predicted/pulled out of. But in saying that I would prefer a bucker, as I saw a horse flip over on top of my friend and snap his shoulder.... Not fun.

I've had horses who do both, and as yet, they have all been broken of the habits.

confetti 11-16-2008 11:49 PM

Well I'm a bit of a wimp (I've ridden too many well-behaved horses in my life), so I'd really ahve neither! But when forced to chose, I'd take a bucker any day. I really don't like the idea of a horse falling backward on top of me. Borken backs are a big nono, for the horse and me. Not to mention I've only ever ridden a buck, never a rearer.

Dave Singleton 11-17-2008 07:06 AM

Neither if I can help it! If I had to choose though it would always be a bucker considering the potential dangers of rearing. I do not want to be crushed!

Joshie 11-17-2008 09:54 AM

Ahh, I think the choice is between getting a different horse or a good horse trainer. I don't want either a rearer or a bucker.

RusticWildFire 11-17-2008 11:37 AM

I'd have to say bucker for the reasons everyone is already listing I'm afraid of going over backwards... Bucking isn't always fun either and it hurts landing sometimes as my horse can really buck....but eh..i'd take the bucking.

He has reared on me once but it wasn't really high thank goodness..

FGRanch 11-17-2008 11:39 AM

I find that it's much easier to cure a bucking horse than a rearing horse. A rear is much easier to sit to but I'd still rather a horse that bucked. However I would perfer if my horses didn't do either!

KateS 11-17-2008 04:27 PM

Well one my mare I would rather have her rear as she doesn't go very high and her bucks are not very comfortable. On my gelding I would rather have him buck because his bucks are more comfortable than my mares lope and because when he was in training a couple years back he reared with a wall right behind him and the trainer got thrown onto the wall.
With saying all that, if it was a strange horse bucking is easier to control for me.

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