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ArabianAmor 11-17-2008 09:42 AM

Web Designing

Originally Posted by Jehanzeb (Post 190972)
Ah right, I to be honest do very less work on Photoshop in terms of creation of the sites. I usually use to use CSS in Dreamweaver to create a skeleton first. Then use Photoshop for editing photos which needs to go into the site, most cases I use Flash buttons and some animations but as demands are changing, I am now putting Videos (flash) on the headers, which is overwhelmingly appereciated by most people.

The next personal project I want to do, is to create one for my Call of Duty 4 Clan site, though just need some time to start it.

Frontpage, I hate it. I don't like it because of its to "stiffness". I would rather have an open workshop then fixed. If you know what I mean.

So any projects you have done so far?any sites? :-)

I think we should move the subject somewhere else as it does not suit under the "Pictures Topic" :-). What do you think? Shall we move to General Topic for this subject?


We can talk more appropriately here. =)

Yeah, photoshop was what I would generally use for making graphics.
I know what you mean about frontpage... Lol. :wink: It can be irritating.

But it has been a while since I have worked on websites. I started out using only HTML. I taught myself. Then I learned photoshop in school and loved it. So I mixed photoshop with my HTML. And I have just gone from there.

As far as work I have done in the past?? Most of it is no longer up :-| So I couldn't show you much... I did business websites for my mom, aunt, and some of their friends and co-workers. On top of all my personal random stuff I played with.

I would love to see your site when you are done :D

Jehanzeb 11-17-2008 09:54 AM

Ah thanks for moving the thread over here :-). It is def an appropriate place for it :-).

Ah that is cool that you have done quite alot of work for your mum and aunt, seems pretty much family business :-).

Try and learn CSS, Cascading style sheets are much better then normal html sites. Specially when you have to design a skeleton of the website.

Something like this Ummati Adventures. This is one of the projects I did for a low budget company. They recently started, when I say recent that means few months back. Another one I am doing, which is in the process.

Personal one is not that high priority so it will take some time :-).

The best site to learn about HTML,XHTML,CSS etc is this one, W3Schools Online Web Tutorials


bedouin 11-17-2008 09:56 AM

Hello there,
I am working also at my website, I am using a frame and can really easily work without all the time using the html codes I can change wich view I prefer.
You can open the pages in this program and copy paste in the ftp page on the internet and inmediately see the result.
The program is called NVU.
In the pages I make my own standard frames to create continuity in all my pages.
You can get a free download, I just found the american version.
|MG| Nvu 1.0

Jehanzeb 11-17-2008 10:13 AM

Ah that's a very nice tool. To tell you the truth I haven't heard of this before however it seems it is a very good tool which we can use (FOR FREE!!) if we have to build sites.

That reminds me that I can use it on my old laptop without installing heavy Macromedia.

Wow thanks for sharing this Bedouin! :-)


bedouin 11-17-2008 10:24 AM

Wow ThanX!
To be honest I am totally blanc on the whole field, but my lovely sister tought me how to use it! So thanX Caroline!

Jehanzeb 11-17-2008 10:27 AM

haha! If you need any help, now you know where to come...haha....though learning we'll def try and help you out too.



bedouin 11-17-2008 10:49 AM

Right now I am puzzling out how to place my text in the centre of a heading wich is in an other part of the page I cannot see in the page I am working in.
I have to try a thousand times, before it is allright. :shock:
I guess now I have to use the html codes,...

Jehanzeb 11-17-2008 11:01 AM

To keep the consistency of the headers, specially using the free tool I think you should look at the HTML code and see the size, and format of the text on the web page.

So if Page 1 has correct header, look at the code and copy the same code and paste it onto the Page 2. Change the text.

That's what I would do (if I have no other html tools), change only the header code nothing else.

Additionally I would create files by doing the following.

Page 1
Page 2 (copy of Page 1) but then renamed to Page 2 and then make changes. Do the same sort for other pages.

That is if we don't have any other tools and choices. :-)

That is the reason I use CSS, which keeps the consistency of the pages :-).


bedouin 11-17-2008 11:11 AM

Yes exactly! That is the correct way.
I just found out that I was doing the right thing.
This program NVU is nt really that hard, it is just me being haunted for some posts on a dutch forum who removed my post and keep on sending email with proof that I have a website etc. etc.
But I returned a very polite email and now everything is calm and quiet again.

YihaHH! carrots!

Jehanzeb 11-17-2008 11:16 AM

I am happy that it has been calm down and is all sorted. :-)


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