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mammakatja 04-20-2013 04:25 PM

Selling my Tex Tan Speedracer barrel saddle :(
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I listed this on the classified thread but thought I'd take it right to the folks that know these saddles.

:cry: I have been in such denial about this but I finally decided yesterday that the most comfortable barrel saddle I have personally ever owned does not fit my horse. I bought this saddle brand new off the show room floor last year. It fits me like it was custom made for me. Unfortunately, since I've started using it on my mare, she's been all attitude and she'll even buck when I push her out of each barrel, especially when she actually wants to dig deep. She's an appendix with high withers and its actually very roomy for the withers, but she's also extremely wide. She's 16.1 but pushing 1200 lbs. I tried to blame it on the winter, not being able to ride her much, bla bla bla. She was injured last summer so I really haven't put any miles and definitely not any shows on this saddle. I did try to change pads. I bought a Billy Cook shock pad with the therapeutic cushions for the bars. That helped but now I feel like I'm 3 inches taller on an already tall horse and I'm having to look for her sides for leg aids. So anyway, I think she's just too wide for it and her shoulder blades are pressured. It is a quarter horse bar tree but I think we're in the market for at least full quarter horse bars.

Like I said, the saddle is just over a year old. It's has probably less than 20 short warm up rides on it because last summer I spent rebuilding from a fire and then she was injured. It's a Tex Tan Speedracer, 15inch seat, square skirt. Off billet and nylon latigo included but I'm keeping the cinch. Pictures should say it all. Lots of pretty bling, all rough out and basket weave print leather. I keep all my saddles covered. Honestly, it still smells new. I still have the price tag. It listed for 1395. I got it for a 10% discount due to needing several things after losing it all in our fire. I would like $900 plus $50 shipping. I'll eat whatever difference there is in shipping because I'm sure it'll be a little higher. Please let me know if you have any questions. I have a paypal account. I just need to sell this one before I can even think about buying a wider one.

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lasso 04-24-2013 07:40 PM

wow sry thats a beautiful saddle

mammakatja 04-25-2013 12:00 AM

Thank you. It rides even prettier than it looks. :( Until she starts bucking that is. :/ It looks like I have found a new home for it though. I feel like I'm giving up a pet that deserves to be loved as much as I did. :(

mammakatja 05-01-2013 03:38 PM

It officially sold today and it went to a wonderful home. I look forward to keeping up with it. Enjoy Casey! :)

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