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cowgirl4753 04-20-2013 09:45 PM

Me and Maremare, finally videos
So I am hoping that I can finally get this videos to work.

This is my quarter horse mare, we have been working on barrels since last fall. Been to 3 jackpots now. Feel free to critique all help and info is apperciated :-)

and this is us just farting around doing the pattern bridless lol

beau159 04-21-2013 10:49 AM

Very pretty and nice horse!!

The first thing I see is that you need to push her deeper in the turns. Especially in the first video second barrel, you are WAY too tight. She loses all her speed. So give her more room around all the barrels. Do NOT start asking her to turn, until her flank is at the barrel. THEN ask her.

And watch your third barrel. You came out wide on the second video and I suspect it's because she's turning too soon. Make sure you FINISH your barrel turn and keep those straight lines.

The other thing I see, that some people may disagree on, is I feel you are making too big of an arc coming into that first barrel (more easily seen on your first video). The more ground you have to cover, the more time the clock eats up. I'd start your run just a tad more to your right, so you have more of a straight-ish approach to that first barrel.

It's fun to goof around with your horse, but I would not be goofing around with her on barrels. You practice that pattern wrong ONCE, and they can pick up back habits from it. Next time, do some reining brideless or something, without the barrels. You're working so hard to make a good barrel horse, so it's not a good idea to let her think its okay to do the pattern sloppy.

Otherwise, she's really coming along nice. Just push her deeper before you turn!!

cowgirl4753 04-21-2013 12:03 PM

Thanks for your help! Ya that one second barrel was sloppy, there were a bunch of horses along the wall there and she wanted to go back, had a hard time keeping her up! My coach, said the same thing about needing to really drive her into the turns more. She is getting to anticipate the turn too much now. Thanks for the input!
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beau159 04-21-2013 08:16 PM

I always had to be careful of that too with my old horse, Beau. I trained him wrong in the beginning (didn't know any better at the time) and I always had to stay on my toes so that I didn't let him turn too soon.

I find reverse arcs to be very helpful with a horse that anticipates a turn. Are you familiar with those? As you are heading toward your barrel, stop at your rate point, and then ask the horse to turn the opposite way. For example: If we were to do a barrel to the right, you are instead going to make a circle to the LEFT away from the barrel, but you want to keep your horse's body framed "to the right". So that you do a reverse arc in that circle to the left. Then when you get back to the barrel, you can allow your horse to turn it, and he's already in the correct body position (because he never left it!).

So when you actually do a real run, she'll respect that inside leg so you can hold her off the barrel easier.

cowgirl4753 04-21-2013 08:48 PM

Mmm cool idea I will definitely try it. I can get her to reverse arc on a circle so this shouldn't be too hard. And it would help keep her up. We are also going to try just a smooth mouth gag on her and see how she likes it. Right now she is in a twisted snaffle. Oh and shortening my stirrups so she can't bounce me around so much too! :-)
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