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BoldComic 04-21-2013 12:16 PM

Renegade Glue Ons
I did a search on here first but couldn't find the info I wanted. I'm sorry if this has been asked before or beat to death and I just couldn't find it.

I'm asking this for my father. He has been using hoof boots for 5 years now and loves them. However, every year he and my mom take a 2 week vacation with their horses and booting them up (easyboots) and maintaining their feet so the boots fit every day is kind of a pain. He's not getting any younger so it's also hard on his back. Last year he had good old nail on shoes put on for this vacation and loved not having to deal with his boots. This year he is wondering about glue on shoes.

He does his own trimming but does not shoe. Using glue ons would allow him to put them on and remove them himself.

So the actual question is can they be left on for 2 weeks without causing damage to the hoof? They would not be left on any longer than 2 weeks for any reason and it would only be once or twice a year. The rest of the year he would be using his boots.

Anyone have good or bad experiences with glue ons that they would like to share? He's just looking into it now so he would love to hear what you guys have to say either way.

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